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Every homeowner should take care of their roof! It is an essential and costly investment they make. There are times when homeowners neglect roof repair and land into serious troubles later. Like everything, even a roof has a specific life expectancy, and that also depends on the roofing material you choose. For instance, asphalt shingles generally last for 20 years. You need to know the same about other roofing materials and regularly schedule your repairs and roof inspections.

A damaged roof will eventually result in a damaged house! At times, homeowners are clueless about roof damage. Here are five signs that suggest you need urgent repair:

1. Damaged Shingles

This is one of the prominent signs of a damaged roof. Make sure to inspect the roof and search for:

  • Shingles with curled edges.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • Missing shingles.

There are times when damaged asphalt shingles shed granules. It appears like black sand and can end up in the gutters. If there are a few shingles damaged, you can opt-in for a roof patch or repair. If you leave it unattended, the damage will expand and aggravate your home and roof condition. When you detect this, get in touch with an expert roofing service provider. To know more about this, you can check out Benchmark Roofing and Restoration contractor.

2. Clogged Gutters

Are the gutters getting clogged fast? If yes, then there might be severe damage to the shingles. The clogged drains are a warning sign of immediate roof repair. If this happens to you, make sure you inspect the reason for this issue. Just in case you come across shingle and granule pieces in the gutters, it means your roof might need to get replaced. At times, harsh weather conditions and heavy rains can aggravate the gutters and shingles. Hence, it’s a wise decision to inspect your roof after any extreme weather.

3. Roof Sagging

During roof inspections you need to check if the roof deck is sagging. It occurs over time, and you will need constant roof inspections. You need to check the roof’s natural lines and see if it’s warped or sagging. The majority of roofs today have a natural angle, and it’s essential to have a continuous straight line. When you have a sagging roof, it’s necessary to replace the roof. Ignoring the issue will only result in further problems.

4. Leaks and Moisture

Are there leaks and moisture in the house? If yes, then you need to get in touch with a roofing service provider. Usually, condensation doesn’t occur inside the home. It will make its way in via a damaged roof. And to detect leaks, you also need to keep an eye out for the water stains. Moisture and holes inside the house are inconvenient. Leakage results in mold growth that can lead to respiratory issues.

5. Algae Growth

Are the roof shingles covered in algae? If you don’t have a green roof, then this is a sign of roof damage. It is a sign that moisture has got collected on certain roof areas. And it can be because of the sagging roof or damaged shingles.

Once you notice any or all of these five signs, you need to get in touch with a roofing service provider to suggest the best solution.

We hope you found this blog post on Top Five Signs You Need To Repair Your Roof useful. Be sure to check out our post on Roof Checking Tips Before Moving In for more great tips!


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