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People are so concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic that they’ve started utilizing their backyard to grow vegetables in case they aren’t able to get groceries. While to some these practices might seem to be a sign of extreme panic, the number of Coronavirus patients is on the rise. Shipping companies and delivery services have made modifications to provide their customers with essential services uninterruptedly.

1. Supply chains: Automated supply chains ensure systematic and organized production, particularly when shipping during Coronavirus. There are various benefits of automated chains:

  • RFID: This is a much-used technology in the shipment sector that works as a tracking mechanism as this wireless technology radiates radio signals. This method has successfully replaced the manual process of checking items.
  • Vibration Monitoring: Another important aspect of supply chain management is vibration monitoring. Some products need to be carefully monitored to ensure their safety. It is impossible to monitor them manually 24 hours per day but with smart gadgets, it is quite easy.

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  • Time-efficient: Supply chain doesn’t only yield better results in terms of production, but new technologies such as RFID supply chain are time-efficient as one does not need to look for the product. With updated software and smart gadgets, one can easily locate the item, whether it’s in the warehouse or on the road.
  • Accurate: Technology always provides more accurate results compared to the manual process of monitoring.

2. Hygiene: When products are shipping during Coronavirus, personal hygiene protocols are followed more than before. Hands-free techniques are implemented to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus. Regular health screening facilities are installed at most warehouses to monitor workers’ overall health and temperature. Sanitization stations are mandatory for laborers who work in close proximity to each other. While boxing and packing the products and at the time of delivery, safety protocols are carefully maintained.

3. Digital Data Exchange: Shipping companies today complete paperwork digitally as much as possible to eliminate the chances of spreading the virus when shipping during Coronavirus.

  • E-receipt: With the delivery of every product and services, a receipt is mandatory. The safe practice is to provide an e-receipt directly to the email box of the recipient.
  • Money transfer: Instead of cash on delivery options, many major firms are using online money transfers.

4. Consumer Satisfaction: Customers are concerned about the security and safety of the item being purchased. They want to be kept informed about the shipping details. So, shipping companies have tracking technologies so that customers are notified of the routes and dates and times during the shipping process. This process helps the firm gain positive reviews, from customers which is crucial for any business.

The goal for every shipping company is to create a satisfied and loyal customer base. Smooth communication between warehouse and shipping company is one of the key features of the whole supply chain process.

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