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Before investing in storage space for your excess items, you need to know they will be safe from theft and damage. The average cost of a security incident in a storage facility is $11,000 per unit.

If you’re looking to avoid this cost, keep reading. This guide will discuss the main security features when choosing a storage facility, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure in their storage unit.

Access Control Systems

Traditional locks are no longer sufficient to protect items from theft in a storage facility. You need a security solution that removes this vulnerability, so you should seek a storage facility with access control systems.

Access control systems eliminate the vulnerability of lockpicking by implementing keycards, fobs, and mobile credentials in place of keys. Cloud-based access control systems are the most popular solution in the access control industry at present, and this is for a few reasons:

  • Mobile access credentials – The facility can implement mobile access credentials with a cloud-based access control system. Users can simply download access credentials to their mobile phones and use them to enter the property without touching a button. When they wave their hand over the access control reader, this will enable remote communication with their mobile device to unlock the door conveniently and quickly.
  • Integration potential – a cloud-based access control system has open API integrations that will allow security staff to integrate access control and video security for identity verification. This ensures that an individual cannot enter the building using stolen access credentials, which is one of the significant vulnerabilities present in any access control system. Additionally, the facility can implement analytics tools to protect the cloud-based system from a cybersecurity standpoint.
  • Mobile security management – with a cloud-based access control system, security staff at the storage facility can maintain awareness of security events at all times via their mobile devices. They can view access records from anywhere using a mobile application and lock and unlock doors using the app. They can also initiate lockdown procedures to apprehend an intruder before they leave the building with stolen goods.

For these reasons, you can access more agile and responsive security by opting for top-tier storage facility technology with cloud-based access control systems.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are a staple in security for a storage facility. You should not opt for a storage facility without video surveillance systems for a few reasons:

  • If there is no surveillance footage, you will not be able to find the perpetrator in a security investigation.
  • Without surveillance footage, there will be no evidence of theft, which could disadvantage your insurance claim.
  • Surveillance cameras deter criminals from attempting to steal from a facility, and the facility would be more vulnerable to threats without this security measure.

You should always ensure video surveillance before opting for a storage service. When weighing the security features at the facility, you should look for the following features in their surveillance system:

  • Complete visibility – the security camera system should be installed by a professional installation expert with the knowledge and experience to establish a surveillance system without blind spots.
  • Cloud-based surveillance – as with access control, cloud-based surveillance systems provide more agile security by allowing security teams to manage security remotely. Using their mobile devices, security teams at the facility will be able to receive motion alerts, and they will be able to view security footage from anywhere to identify risks quickly.
  • Fisheye cameras – in line with providing complete visibility, the facility should implement fisheye security cameras to ensure complete visibility, expanding the peripheral view of the cameras.
  • Analytics and AI – if you’re seeking top-level security, you should opt for a facility that employs analytics and AI to analyze security camera data. When a potential threat is detected, the system will alert the security teams’ mobile devices for an immediate and fast-acting response.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are essential to detect incidents on the property. When looking for storage space options, should look for a facility that employs the following alarm systems:

  • Glassbreak detection – if an intruder breaks the glass to enter the facility, the motion will trigger an alert.
  • Motion detection – after closing, the storage facility should activate motion sensors to detect activity, indicating a break-in.
  • Fire detection – a fire at the storage facility could destroy your belongings, and you need assurance that the facility will respond quickly in the event of a fire.


A storage facility should be a safe place to store your belongings when you do not have space to keep them in your home – which is why you need to prioritize security. It could be the case that your home needs to be more secure for your most valuable possessions. By looking for these security features, you can ensure that your storage facility is equipped to provide responsive and agile security.

We hope you found this blog post on Security Measures You Should Expect From A Storage Facility useful. Be sure to check out our post on Consider Using Storage Services When Moving for more great tips!

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