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Are you moving soon? If so, take note that moving can be very stressful and exciting at the same time. A move can be stressful because the process can be complicated. Moving can affect your work schedule, your children’s study time, and interpersonal relationships so considering portable storage units is a good idea. Packing tons of items can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing at the same time. 

Fortunately, you can take advantage of portable storage to make your move less stressful. In this article, you’ll learn how portable storage can help you make a move less stressful.

Makes Moving More Convenient

Portable storage container rentals are now available to make your moving journey a lot easier. Unlike traditional moving, you don’t have to fill and empty the storage container right away, but you can take your time packing, which promotes utmost packing and moving convenience.

Here’s how it works:

  • The storage container is delivered to your home.
  • You fill up the storage unit at the most convenient time for you or ask a moving specialist to fill the unit.
  • The storage unit provider picks up your unit and delivers it to your new residence.  
  • Once you’re done emptying, the storage unit company comes and picks up the storage unit.

Avoids Packing Chaos

One reason moving can be stressful is the time constraint on packing. Traditional moving companies have a strict schedule and limited availability, which means that homeowners need to work on their timeline to ensure everything will be moved out of the house in time.

However, rushing to pack may damage your belongings. Also, you may miss labeling them properly so you might end up missing or completely losing some items. Last-minute packing is daunting and stressful, too. 

But you can avoid the packing chaos by renting a portable storage unit. Just book the shipping container early and pack your things at your own pace. You don’t need to worry about the moving company because you can call the storage unit provider and set a date to deliver your belongings to your new address when you’re ready.

You Can Focus On Important Things 

The moving process doesn’t only involve packing and moving belongings. You also need to prepare your children, elderly family members, and your pets for the move. In addition, you need to settle your bills, notify your creditors, and change your billing and mailing address. You also need to handle and cope with stress yourself.

Having a portable storage unit will give you the convenience to balance your responsibilities. This is because you’ll have more time to get your family and belongings ready for the move and resolve potential issues and complications that may arise due to the moving process. 

Smooth the Transition

Have you moved in the past? Surely, the unpacking time will remind you how daunting it was. Once you arrived in your new home, you just want to take time to rest and relax. A traditional move won’t give you the break time you need to unpack your things, which could make the entire transition stressful. 

Using a portable storage unit is the best way to help you and your family transition as it allows you to unpack your things at your own pace. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having piles of boxes and things cramping your new living space.

Portable storage

Peace Of Mind

You can keep non-essentials in the portable storage unit instead of stocking them in your new kitchen or dining room. In this way, you can gradually adjust to your new space and unpack things when you’re ready. Thus, you avoid the risk of damaging fragile, expensive, and precious items because you won’t be rushing to unpack your belongings. 

When you’re ready to unpack, open the locked storage unit, say every weekend, and move and unpack boxes in smaller batches. It’s easier to set a schedule to organize things, like finishing your kitchen first and then your living room.

Tips For Effectively Packing With a Portable Storage Unit

How do you make a move easier using a portable storage unit? First, you need to choose the right size container, depending on the amount of space your belongings will take. Next, you need to pack your belongings into boxes carefully to stack in the portable storage unit for effortless unpacking.

Here are some tips when it comes to packing with a portable storage unit:

  • Use similar size boxes: Using the same size of boxes makes stacking easier as it maximizes space and minimizes gaps. On the other hand, if you can’t avoid using different sizes of boxes, you should pack heavier items using a small box to avoid overloading them.
  • Pack by room: To easily organize your belongings at your new place, you should pack items by room. Make sure to label all boxes per room, such as ‘children’s room’ or ‘living room.’ It would be a good idea also to include a list of items inside the box on the label.
  • Pack boxes properly: Pack each box carefully up to the brim. Partially-filled boxes tend to cave in under pressure, causing them to collapse. Your entire stack becomes less stable, and the boxes on top will fall, too. Be sure to seal all boxes with tape at the bottom to avoid tearing and spilling the contents in the portable storage unit. 
  • Special care for furniture and fragile items: You should wrap all fragile items, such as ceramics, glassware, and electronics, in bubble wrap. Place them in separate boxes and mark them with a ‘fragile’ label. Alternatively, using towels or moving blankets to wrap these items is a good idea, too. This provides fool-proof cushioning to appliances, mirrors, and picture frames. Make sure also to cushion delicate furniture items for the move to avoid damage.


Portable storage units help movers transport from their old address to the new one. Homeowners can rent self-storage units for temporary storage, too. In this way, you have more time to pack your things and can have the container picked up when you’re ready to move. In essence, renting a portable storage unit provides convenience, cost-efficiency, and peace of mind that traditional types of moving can’t offer.

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