Journey of Discovery

Moving to a different city or time allows opportunities for self-exploration and discovery in ways similar to those that happen when people write personal essays for college. Mostly written when applying for college, a personal essay will form an important part of your application. The process of creating this vital document is like talking to the college selection committee about yourself and emphasizing your abilities. 

Your goal is to use the personal essay to market yourself by discussing your abilities, challenges, skills, achievements, and career goals. In the same way, moving to a new place offers you a chance to think about your life, abilities, friendships, and work. This article examines how both moving and personal essay writing help with self-exploration. 

How Does Personal Essay Writing Help With Self-Exploration?

The personal essay is mainly written when applying for college, a job, or a scholarship and allows students to show why they are the best candidate for the position. In the essay, the applicant makes a case for themselves, showing why they are the best pick for the program and why they deserve to be picked over other applicants. 

Students should think of the personal essay as a story of their lives, intended to paint a picture for the admission officials of who the applicant is and what they have accomplished. The statement should show your skills, qualities, general interests, and what you can deliver. To get these right, you have to perform serious self-examination. You will need to review your abilities and those attributes that set you apart from the crowd. Preparing for a personal statement also allows you to understand what motivates you and why the particular college matters. 

The personal statement is integral to the college application process and for scholarships. It is what universities turn to when they want to know more about the applicant and what sets them apart from the crowd. A well-written personal statement allows reviewers to properly understand who you are and your academic background and experience. It also allows the admission officials to judge your goals. For admission officials, the personal essay allows a chance to filter out applicants, particularly when there are hundreds of students applying. If you need help with writing, use a professional essay writing service

How Moving Helps With Self-Exploration

Moving Helps With Self-Exploration

Life tends to be fast-paced, and people can be overwhelmed with rules, tasks, responsibilities, schedules, and plans. While juggling work, school, personal responsibilities, and problems, we can sometimes feel a little lost within ourselves. Whether you have recently lost a job, gone through a breakup, or are dealing with a personal loss, many elements of life can leave your mind filled with questions and take you on a journey of crazy self-discovery. 

During the journey of self-discovery, many people are okay with staying put and embracing change from their own towns. However, some feel the need to spread their wings, pack a few bags, and visit new towns. While moving away when facing challenges may seem dramatic, evidence shows that it is one of the best things you can do. Here are some reasons why moving is important for self-exploration:

  • Gives Your Brain a Break 

Staying in one place for too long may seem overwhelming at times, and you may find your mind stuck in a rut. Often, continuing to live in an area associated with your psychological challenges may end up doing you more harm than good. If you feel your brain needs a breather, having the same routine in your old surroundings may mean you don’t see things from a different perspective. 

Whether you want a weekend to unwind or choose to relocate permanently to a new city, leaving your familiar environment will give you a chance to rewind and recharge. According to evidence, placing yourself in an unfamiliar setting will come with a new schedule, meaning new experiences and memories. As your daily life and schedule change, you can uncover new things about yourself and your abilities. You will be startled by what you can learn about yourself when you take a step back from what you consider normal. 

  • You Get Comfortable With Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Any form of growth and development requires sacrifice and dedication. It means that people who want to realize positive change must intentionally step out of their comfort zones and venture into the uncomfortable. This is what self-discovery and development are all about. Learning about yourself is a life-long journey that can sometimes be frightening and confusing. 

Moving to a different town and stepping into the unknown may bring worries and uncertainties. However, in the end, the experience can come with a positive outlook on life and added strength. Embracing those moments of uncertainty can result in meaningful change. Being uncertain will give you the drive to re-assess your life and rediscover your paths. Find more information about self-evaluation and academic writing by reading this review.  

  • You Get a New Sense of Self-Admiration and Pride 

Staying together in one place for too long may have you questioning your abilities and drive. When you move away on your journey to self-discovery, you make bold and decisive choices that will allow you to grow and appreciate who you are. When making these important decisions, feelings of worry creep in, and anxiety can start to tag at your sleeves. However, feeling anxious only shows that you are concerned about what tomorrow holds but are still willing to do what needs to be done. 

The Bottom Line 

Traveling or moving to a new town allows you to examine your life critically and make bold decisions. The same happens when you write a personal essay requiring you to examine your strengths, abilities, challenges, and experiences. With traveling, you get to meet new friends and influencers and give yourself a fresh start.

We hope you found this blog post on Journey of Discovery: Self-Exploration Through Moving and Personal Essay Writing useful. Be sure to check out our post on New Technologies Make Moving Easier and Faster for more great tips!

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