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Moving into a new house is a challenge, especially when you’re handling the move alone. There are a lot of details to take care of. You’ll have to arrange for a moving truck, get all your things packed, and assemble all the moving tools you will require.

Here are a few essential hand tools that will make your move easier. Having them ready will make the experience smoother.

Tools to Have While Moving

Forearm Forklift Straps

This is one of the coolest moving devices out there. Carefully place the straps under the item you have to move, and you can reduce the weight as much as 66% by simply applying material science. Each pair of straps can help you carry almost 800 pounds of weight without using bulky moving equipment.

To store them, you can fold them, wind them up, or hang them in your garage. This saves on storage space. These are some of the reasons forearm forklift straps are a handy device. Make sure you purchase yours from the original manufacturer or a certified reseller so that you get the best quality.

Dolly Carts

These carts are sometimes called hand trucks, and they are a marvel when you need to move multiple boxes at one time, regardless of how heavy they are. All you have to do is put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and add lighter ones as the stack gets higher. Finally, you tilt the dolly back until the weight rests on the wheels and push or pull it to your truck or into your home. This increases your productivity and protects your back and legs from accidental injury. Dolly carts are made from various materials and come in different sizes. You can pick the best weight and style for your needs.

Hand Tools

Everybody should have a basic home toolbox. A set of hand tools does not cost much – somewhere in the range of $30 to $75. A small assortment of devices will fulfill most of your requirements. Preassembled toolboxes ordinarily come with a claw hammer, a set of screwdrivers, long-nose pliers, a level, a measuring tape, an attachment wrench with some standard-size attachments, and other devices that can be used to repair most household items. During and after your move, a home toolbox is a necessity.


blue packing tape

We don’t know of a single move that has been completed successfully without tape. It’s indispensable for securing your belongings in packing boxes.

Bungee Cords

Once you have packed all the items you need to take with you, it’s time to get on the road. You’ll need a way to secure your belongings in your truck bed so that they don’t fall off on the way. Bungee cords are the best instrument for the job. They’re available in many lengths and widths, so it’s quite simple to find the best fit for your vehicle. Bungee cords are a quick, flexible way to secure boxes inside a vehicle. You can even extend their length by attaching multiple cords to each other.

Cargo Straps

Cargo straps are also called tie downs or ratchet straps. They have adjustable lengths and are normally much more flexible than bungee cords. Cargo straps are typically more costly; however, you will need fewer of them to do the job. Both bungee cords and cargo straps are solid options for fastening your things securely in your vehicle.

Zip Ties

Since you’re moving your electronics, you’ll have a lot of wires, electrical lines, and cables to organize. These can be a serious headache when it’s time to pack. Wires can fold, break, or get tangled, and sorting out computer cords can be quite challenging when you’re ready to set up your PC in your new home. Fortunately, it’s easy to organize wires and cables. Just coil them up and use a zip tie to keep them together.

Cordless Power Drill

If you need to dismantle or reassemble furniture, you can always do it by hand. However, that would take a lot of time. To get it done faster, you can use a power drill. Bosch is an excellent brand of power tools. A decent power drill will cost you $30 to $60 and will provide years of use. Cordless power drills also make it very simple to take electrical outlet faceplates off the wall if you decide to do some painting in your new home.


With all these moving tools and supplies at your fingertips, you’ll be prepared to face just about any situation that comes up on your big day. It might seem like a lot of items for a kit that you’re only going to use a couple of times, but most of these items have quite a few routine uses. So, grab the tools you need, and reduce the uncertainty of your next move.

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