Siding on Your Louisville Home

There’s nothing more important in life than a safe and tranquil home. It’s a place you can rest and rejuvenate from a stressful day at work, as well as the location for many happy milestones for you and your family. Because it’s so integral to your daily life and safety, it’s essential that you maintain your home, including its exterior.

Siding is an invaluable aspect of your home, as it provides essential protection for your home’s structure and interior. This key component of a house’s exterior doesn’t just keep out the elements, but it can also play an important role in fireproofing, something you may not even realize until it becomes an emergency.

While siding can be easily replaced, interior walls and foundations are a much more costly fix, which is why you need to be very studious about examining your siding. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the adage has never been more applicable than when it comes to replacing your siding versus spending thousands of dollars to replace a load-bearing timber.

Now that we understand why siding is so important, let’s get into the key indicators that your Louisville home might need a siding upgrade.

Sign #1: warped or cracked siding

First, let’s look at the most visible sign that your siding needs to be replaced: warping and cracking, which is possible on all forms of siding. Wood siding – which is the most common type in the United States – is more likely to warp, while vinyl siding might develop cracks. Metal siding might dent, especially after a storm, which can allow moisture underneath.

It’s important to examine each row of siding carefully to see if they’re pulling away from the house; also check the undersides of vinyl siding for small cracks that might not be obvious from the top. For vinyl siding, you should also examine the paint for warping and bubbling, which can indicate that the material is beginning to deform.

Sign #2: mildew and mold

Louisville can be quite humid throughout the year, which can accelerate mold and mildew growth on your siding. This is especially prevalent on those areas of the home which don’t get a lot of sunlight, as these are the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow. 

Mildew is white color with a powdery texture, and it will rub off on your hands should you touch a spot of mildew. It can grow on any form of siding but is especially prevalent on wood and vinyl sidings. This fungus may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause respiratory distress and indicates a greater problem: moisture penetrating your siding.

Its relative, mold, is also a fungus, but it comes in different colors and textures, from green to black and red. Black mold is especially dangerous, as it can cause major respiratory issues, especially in those who are allergic. Some forms of mold are toxic and can lead to life-threatening health issues if left unchecked. From a structural standpoint, mold can destabilize organic materials like wood, which can lead to huge repair bills should it start to infiltrate the framework of your home.

Any time you see large patches of mold or mildew on your siding, it’s time to call in a qualified home siding contractor in Louisville who can assess the issue and inform you of your options.

Sign #3: higher energy bills

It’s easy to assume that a higher energy bill is due to something other than your siding, like rising energy costs or simply setting the thermostat a little higher or lower for a few weeks. However, if you see a major difference in your bills from last year, and your energy company hasn’t raised its prices, it’s time to consider that there may be an issue with your siding.

Siding isn’t just there to give character to your home: it’s an essential component of weatherproofing your home, which improves its energy efficiency. Siding prevents UV light from heating up the interior of a house, and it also prevents drafts from getting in and causing hot or cool air to escape. 

Contact a qualified siding contractor to get your home back in great shape

Should you notice all three of these signs, you’ll need to get in touch with a great Louisville siding contractor who can walk you through the process of replacing your siding. They’ll explain your many options, discuss what’s best for your home, and give you a fair estimate on how much it will cost, as well as how long it will take. 

It can be daunting to select a great contractor from the many options available to you, but there are a few indicators that you’re working with a company you can trust. Look for those with plenty of experience, and examine reviews both from their sites and other third party review sites. When you’ve found one you’d like to work with, ask for an estimate and compare it with others. Don’t be tempted to just go with the cheapest price: instead, look at the whole picture and decide which company is the most trustworthy. Your peace of mind is priceless, as is the safety and security of your family!

We hope you found this blog post on Should You Replace the Siding on Your Louisville Home? Key Signs It’s Time to Upgrade useful. Be sure to check out our post on 6 Key Advantages of Home Siding Replacement for more great tips!

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