Modern housing designs have come a long way from what we were used to in the past. Retro styled houses no longer have relevance in terms of style and functionality as they once did. Antique and retro houses once had an unmatched charm, it is essential to note that we have much more relevant and applicable designs in today’s age. Some people still chose the style of times gone by and would much rather buy an older Victorian-style house than a modern one. Though they have a charm that has lasted for centuries, perhaps a fusion of new and old might be the most applicable to your house. Here are the 7 Top Trending Portable Island Kitchen. 


The World of Kitchen Islands 

If you are looking to have your kitchen revamped in some way, make sure that you have a good idea in your head before you start working on it. Though you may want to see a change in the house, you must streamline yourself with an idea before you go window shopping. 

Another very important thing to consider is whether you have permission from your landlord. Some people do not like to change their houses too much. Others may even help pay for half of the costs because it adds to the value of their home. Either way, you need to have a word with the homeowner to ensure that you are on the same page. If the house is yours, then you have no problem other than incurring the costs of the redesign.

The kitchen is usually the most commonly redesigned parts of the house. People generally like to have their kitchen touched up or redone in some way or another. If you are the owner of an older house, you may find that the kitchen has a lot of free space in it. One way in which you can blend the old and the new is to fill up space, for example, by placing an island in the middle.

Wheels are the way to go

Much like a ping pong table, having an island in the kitchen that can roll around might be the most applicable. One of the most important parts of the island is it’s aesthetic, but would you not want aesthetic and functionality all in one. Having something like this in which you can slide out of the way whenever you need to can be essential if you do not have a lot of free space in the kitchen.

White and Pure

The color white has this unmistakable charm to it. It radiates cleanness and class. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you can consider opening up your computer to buy white kitchen cabinets online.
Since white goes with just about everything, you may want to try and blend it with the rest of the theme of the kitchen.

Functionality is key

You want something which can move around, look good, and still give you a little more storage space than a regular island. If you have an island with a few layers to it, you can get a lot more out of the island than you would have thought. More storage space in the kitchen is very handy, especially in small houses.
There is not a soul on earth who says that they have enough space in their kitchen; we all are at a loss in this regard!

Keep it small

If you want an island but do not have enough kitchen space to keep one, try finding a portable island to ensure that you have the best of both. You get whatever functionality you want from the island and still have enough space in the kitchen to do whatever you want.
DO NOT make the mistake of inserting an island of regular size if you have a small kitchen.

Pocket islands

Let us be clear they are not that small, but they certainly are fairly foldable. These are the type of islands which you can open out, and they become full islands. However, when you want to pack them away, they become a lot smaller and can be stored away conveniently in your storage area.

Modern wooden Islands

We need to talk about how amazing wood looks just about anywhere. A good wooden product placed in the right place in your house can tie a whole room together. Even if it is not well placed, it can probably do its job and give the place a lot more class than it previously had.
Perhaps it is the natural effect that wood gives; I guess we do not know. However, a nice wooden top portable island would look amazing in just about any kitchen.


Let us get one thing right here, these are all great islands on their own, but it matters what you want. We can suggest some of the best islands out there, which will make any kitchen look great. However, if you have something in mind, and this does not fit the description, you are not going to be happy with anything out there.
You know what suits your house the best, and you know what would make you feel the most comfortable in your own home. You are the one who needs to choose your island, it might not be any of those mentioned above, and it could be something completely random. In the end, as long as you are happy, that is all that matters.

We hope that this article has found you well and that you have taken some great ideas from this. We hope that you get the chance to redesign your kitchen and install the island of your choice.
A new addition to the house can always be a welcome event. Sometimes we need to have new things coming into our house for our good. It is important to show ourselves that we are progressing and building on what we have.

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