Social distancing has made life pretty boring and uninspiring for many people. Like every misfortune, there is a silver lining to this coronavirus pandemic. The silver lining here is that we now have plenty of time on our hands to undertake all home improvement projects. You know, the ones that we have always been too busy to create time for. This is your chance to transform your house into your dream home. In case you were planning on putting it on the market once isolation and social distancing end, improve its resale value with simple remodeling.

The growing threat of COVID-19 in urban areas has increased the demand for vacation rentals in Florida. City dwellers are desperate for isolated homes where they can socially distance without having to lock themselves up. Maybe converting it into a vacation rental would be a more lucrative alternative. On the other hand, if you don’t have a vacation home of your own, you can always book one of the many affordable vacation rentals in Florida for your self-isolation needs.

With that in mind, what kind of home improvements will improve your property’s value during self-isolation? 



When a prospective buyer drives by your house, you want them to see a colorful, well-kept home in order. This may attract more buyers. Painting the exterior walls, the fences along with your house, and your front doorway with bold colors will surely improve a buyer’s first impression. The good thing about painting is that you can always do it yourself without needing any prior experience, or an extra hand for that matter. Consider attractive home decor to make your home more appealing.

Giving your interior walls a fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve the home’s interior décor. You can use a paint calculator to determine the amount of color you need, then research online for the trendiest interior wall colors. Make sure the colors you choose blends well with your other interior décor items, the furniture included.

Wash the house

A thorough house wash can make a whole lot of difference. Wash the walls, fences, deck, siding, and any other part of your house that you’ve been neglecting. Pressure-wash all these places to remove any accumulated debris and mildew. Don’t stop until your home’s exterior has zero stains.

Sort out your garden

Fill planters in your garden, mend the fences, attend to the plants, and organize the shed if it needs it. If you have an indoor garden, water the plants and ensure that they get sufficient lighting and fertilizer. A healthy garden will always impress buyers and add value to your home.

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom

remodeling kitchen

Use the time you have indoors to give your bathrooms and kitchen a whole new look. You don’t even need to knock down walls or buy any new supplies to make your bathroom or kitchen more functional. It could be as simple as making DIY shelves for storing cleaning supplies in the bathroom or redecorating the kitchen using DIY artifacts.

Even if you need to buy some building materials for a major remodel, home improvement stores are have been listed as essential services in most states, so you are covered.

Upgrade your lighting

Avoid doing any electrical work unless you are a licensed electrician. However, simple lighting problems such as replacing the bulbs with more energy-efficient lighting units shouldn’t be a problem. Invest in LED bulbs and downlights to boost your home’s energy efficiency and sustainability. If you are still allowed to hire a professional to redo your lighting, hire one by all means. Just remember to keep everyone safe from person-to-person coronavirus transmission during the remodeling. 


In every renovation project you undertake during these uncertain times, ensure that safety comes first. Don’t do a professional’s job when you are not qualified. If you need to buy remodeling supplies, try to visit home improvement stores during off-peak hours and even then, keep your distance from other customers. Also, remember to clean yourself up as per WHO guidelines every time you come back home from the store, and always wipe down the items you bought before putting them in the house.

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