When hurrying to contact a locksmith, you might pick up any number or name in the Google search list. But what if they are scammers, and you might only know it once you have hired them and been scammed?

However, that is not the case anymore. These tips can help you easily distinguish between a fraud and a reputed locksmith.

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1. Check the toll-free number

You can suspect a locksmith to be a fraud if they use the number 800, which is a toll-free number, instead of providing any local number. It is a sign that they are a red flag as they cannot provide you with any contact details. Do a thorough background check before you check. There are many reliable service providers in the market, like Locksmith Empire.

2. Never trust companies with no name

While looking for locksmith services, you might come across companies with no name. Instead, they use a generic phrase like “locksmith services.” These are frauds as they do not have any documentation to support a brand name. They are not legally established service companies but scammers.

3. Check the identification

After you have hired the locksmith:

  1. Look for proper identification when they arrive. They can show you proof of proper identification or a license if they are legitimate.
  2. Before you allow them inside, check the credentials and the brand name marked on the vehicle they arrived in.
  3. Only allow them inside if they show a proper license or the car has a brand name.

4. Lookout for low prices

Often, the scamming locksmiths keep surprisingly low prices for their services, which makes it tempting for the customers to trust them, but this is where the scam begins. Unexpectedly low prices are a sign that it is bait to catch and scam customers. They usually claim a low price when they take the service, but after providing it, the price might increase to 3x or 4x. So, go through all the reputed locksmith companies in your area and compare the price. There should be slight variation in the price if they are genuine.

5. Lock the price before starting the work

You must thoroughly discuss the work for which you hire the locksmith and the price. A reputable locksmith will not hide any charges; they will provide a detailed cost breakdown in writing.

6. Ask the right questions

If you want to stay away from scammers, you must know what to ask, such as – 

  • What is their office located in?
  • How will they arrive at your house?
  • Will they have to drill the lock?
  • What is the exact process and price of the service?
  • What would be the precise time required for the work?
  • What are their payment methods?
  • Are they willing to provide you with the details of their work in writing?

Summing it up

If you think any details are missing or suspect you are getting overcharged or that the location they mentioned doesn’t exist, you must look for a genuine locksmith Keizer Oregon. However, if you have been scammed, contact the state attorney general.

We hope you found this blog post on Stay Away From Locksmith Scams – Know How To Proceed! useful. Be sure to check out our post on Situations That Require a Professional Locksmith for more great tips!

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