Summer is a very popular time to move – in fact, over half of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to Moving during the summer is convenient for families, working professionals, and students: school is out, it’s a common time to take time off from work, and you don’t have to worry about snow or sleet.

Moving in the Summer

But summer moving comes with its own set of challenges. There’s the oppressive summer heat. Moving itself can be stressful and physically challenging; add in the heat and humidity, and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

Additionally, because summer is such a popular time to move, it’s also a very expensive time. Moving supplies and moving companies are in high demand during this peak moving time. You’ll have to plan well in advance in order to get premium moving supplies and book a reputable moving company for a summer move.

There’s also the traffic. Summertime is a popular time for road trips, so there may be congestion on the streets and highways, meaning additional costs and time delays for you.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you. With proper planning, a summer move can be not only successful, but a rewarding experience. Besides the usual tips that apply to any move, here are some suggestions particularly for a summer move.

Moving Tips:

Plan ahead. As mentioned, planning is essential for any move, but especially for a summertime move, because of possible delays and the fact that movers get booked up well in advance. Keep a cool head and be flexible.

June, July, and August are typically the busiest moving months. The beginning and end of each month has the highest demand, as well as weekends and holidays. Dates before Memorial Day and after Labor Day are less busy.

Stay hydrated. In the busyness of moving, it’s easy to forget your body’s needs. On a hot summer day, you’ll likely get thirsty early and stay that way throughout the day. Make sure you take in enough fluids and pack water bottles with you during the move. And remember to bring water to the movers and anyone else helping you. They’ll appreciate it.

Start moving early in the day. If at all possible, start your move in the early morning, before the sunshine really kicks in. You’ll also beat much of the traffic by starting at 8 a.m. or even earlier. If that’s not possible, then do your outside moving tasks in the early evening when temps get lower.

Protect fragile items. Remember that electronic devices and some other valuable items don’t do well in sustained heat. Pack your laptops, TVs, tablets, and similar items separately and keep them cool at all times. Make sure to keep them protected from possible rain showers as well.

In addition to electronics, remember that perishable food items don’t do well in the heat. You might consider having ice-filled coolers on hand to move your milk, ice cream, and fresh veggies.

If you’re moving in the summer, expect to pay more for movers. The majority of moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is a convenient time for many people to move, because children are out of school, there’s no snow or ice to contend with, and many college students are moving into or out of dorms at the beginning or end of summer.

So moving companies, moving containers, and storage facilities tend to be in highest demand during the summer. If you plan to move during the summer, book your moving company well in advance. Also, try not to move on a holiday weekend – movers will be busier and less available, and there’ll be more traffic.

When packing and moving during the summer, be sure to plan for the summer heat. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, especially breathable fabrics like cotton, and closed-toed shoes with socks. 

It’s important to have stores of water on hand if you are moving in the summertime. It’s usually easier to move when it is cooler, so try looking for a date that is not during the middle of the summer, preferably after the hottest month of your area.

If you do not want to move before the heat dies down, make sure there is a water dispenser on hand for yourself and your family. Keep it filled up with ice cold water and keep it on hand. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink 8 glasses of water every day, so you’ll need that much if you are moving during the summertime. Being dehydrated in the heat can lead to major health issues that could be avoided by staying hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking enough water while you’re outside in the hot sun.

Always wear sunscreen, even if it is cloudy outside, and even if you are wearing clothes that cover your skin or applying other sun protection products like hats and sunglasses. Wear loose-fitting clothes and get in the shade when your skin starts to feel too warm.

Control your temperature by moving indoors (air conditioning is your friend!) or staying out of the sun. If you can’t do either, stay in shaded areas during the hottest part of the day (10am-4pm) and wear sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Also remember your movers will be working hard in the heat. Consider having plenty of cold water or drinks available for them as well – they’ll appreciate it!

If possible, get your utilities turned on in your new home before you move. This way, you can turn on the AC in your new home while you’re moving in. Even better would be to turn on the AC the day before you move, so your new home will be cooler when you arrive. You’ll also want to consider having portable fans running throughout the home during your move.

Infographic for Summer Moving Tips


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