How To Find The Best Locations In Florida To Buy Property

If you’re a beach lover, then it’s likely that owning a vacation home close to the beach is at the top of your bucket list. The obvious benefit is everything you get to enjoy being by the seaside and escaping reality. However, there’s also the obvious fact that owning a beach house is a lucrative asset. It’s even more lucrative if you own a property on one of Florida’s beaches. 

The real estate market in Florida is currently one of the country’s top-performing markets, and that is for obvious reasons. It has a beautiful coastline of about 1350 miles and year-round sunny weather. In addition, many workers have switched entirely to remote work because COVID-19 means that Florida is becoming an even more attractive place for people to live in and spend their vacations. 

Florida has many good spots where you can buy and own properties. If you’re interested in investing on a Florida beach, here are some destinations to target. 

1. Miami Beach 

Miami beach panoramic

This beach in south Florida is an international destination and is famous for many reasons, including its beaches, restaurants, entertainment spots, and shops. Miami Beach is everyone’s ultimate spot for vacation, which reflects fully in this city’s real estate market evaluation. Several new constructions in the area, including Ten30 South Beach, 57 Ocean Miami Beach, Monad Terrace, and Monaco Yacht Club and Residences. This region is very attractive to new visitors, and the influx of visitors is on an unprecedented rise. Hence, even if you don’t plan to stay on your property in Miami Beach, it’s still a high-value investment due to its rental potential. 

The luxury housing market in Miami Beach is also projected to be stable for many years, making it even more ideal for your vacation real estate investment. The buzzing nightlife, beautiful beaches, and numerous water-related activities mean there’s no dull moment in this city. 

Buying a property at Miami Beach means you don’t have to book luxury hotels when you’re on vacation; you have more flexibility and can be spontaneous about your travels. 

2. Naples 

If you’re a fan of the gulf and love world-class golf courses, then you would love Naples. Add that to the possibility of shopping luxury labels and enjoying stunning waterfront vistas, and Naples becomes your first choice location to buy a property in Florida. 

Naples is seated close to Fort Myers, Marco Island, and Sanibel Island and rests on the Gulf of Mexico shores, so it’s an excellent location for a beachside vacation. You also have access to top-tier cuisine, high-end shopping, and numerous fun water sports. 

As mentioned in assignment help, Naples is family-friendly, with fantastic beaches and laid-back luxury. That’s why it is referred to as one of the Gulf Coast’s most luxurious communities. Of course, you’ll also be surrounded by several opulent beachfront mansions, hotels, and other luxurious residential properties, adding an extra appeal to the real estate value of this area. 

3. Palm Beach 

palm beach florida

This is a glamorous and exclusive lifestyle in beach house. You’ll find this beach very appealing if you’re looking to enjoy pristine beaches and world-class shopping in a sophisticated and serene environment. This is a city where many wealthy people own a property, so you’re surely going to be in good company if you move to Florida. As you would also imagine, the real estate value of this city is hot at the moment. In Q1 2021 alone, there were over $1.2 billion sales in Palm Beach compared to the $398 million from Q1 2020. There was also an instance in which a newly built compound was sold for $26.16 million and was re-listed and re-sold for $45 million within a month. That’s how fast the real estate market is moving in Palm Beach. So, it’s a profitable investment and one you should be looking at for your vacation property investment. 

4. St. Augustine

This city is known as one of the United States’ oldest cities. So, it has a massive history behind its name, and you’ll see this in its centuries-old buildings. However, there’s more to view with its eclectic galleries and shops, stunning ocean views, and several cuisines. This city is even more attractive to buy a beach property because it is pretty affordable, and there are plenty of activities to engage in here. 

St. Augustine receives around six million visitors every year, so purchasing a property makes sense if you’re one of these visitors. It will save you the stress of booking vacation rentals and hotel rooms every time you travel into the city. You can also decide to rent out your property, and you can be sure to find people to fill in the space in your absence for a premium price. 

There’s a lot on offer in this old city, so you’ll never be bored during your time here. There will always be something to catch your fancy and make your time here enjoyable between the gorgeous beaches, architectural masterpieces, cobblestone streets, etc. Even though it is more affordable than other cities in Florida, it still has a very competitive real estate market. So don’t be surprised that a property that’s listed available today may be snatched up by tomorrow. With its fast-growing real estate market, the best time to invest in St. Augustine is now, and you can be sure your investment will pay off. 

5. Pompano Beach 

Located between Hillsboro Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is one of the fastest-rising luxury locations in South Florida. The city continues to experience new developments, including the oceanfront solemar offering residences and an unobstructed view of the ocean. Yet, it’s more affordable than Fort Lauderdale or Miami. So if you’re looking for a long-term investment, then Pompano Beach is the ideal place to buy a property. 

Pompano Beach has recently spent millions to rehabilitate its beachfront. It now has a 663-spot pier parking garage and a new fishing pier. The plan is to make downtown a reality by 2025 to add more vibrancy to the area’s pedestrian-friendly and urban mix. 


There are many spots in Florida where you can buy vacation properties. Whether you’re buying for rental or as a second home for vacations, these are some of the best spots to consider in Florida.

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