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There is no denying that hiring a property manager has more pros than cons and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The only time to not hire an expert custodian is if the property owner specializes in management, knows everything needed to be done, and has the proper contacts.

The benefits, however, of outsourcing property management will highly depend on the nature of the business. The scale of operations will also determine how cost-effective hiring is.

If you have a significant number of properties or spaces, primarily used for letting business, getting full property management services will be the best way. If you need maintenance for your own house, you can DIY but getting a property manager will ensure perfect results.

A property manager is an expert in maintenance, housing, real estate, property marketing, running a rental business, property insurance, and other home-related areas of work. Hiring one means getting a specialist to ensure safe and comfortable use of any space.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of hiring a property manager for different situations.

Operating a Condominium, Apartment Building, Strip Mall, or Commercial Building

When you are operating a condominium or apartment building, you will have to deal with different types of people and manage a significant number of spaces. You also have the responsibility for the upkeep of your building in general.

This operation entails countless contracts, insurance policies, maintenance receipts, safety compliance, parking needs, emergency repairs, yearly updates, tenant relations, evictions, and more. If you are an owner of a condominium and want excellence in all the work entailed for the business, it would be best if you contracted for expert service.

It would be better for you to hire a professional who will focus on all the work. One mishap, accident, missed compliance, substandard repair, breach of contract or any disservice to a tenant can be a lawsuit trigger.

Hiring a professional will also give your tenants excellent customer service, which will reduce your turnover and provide you with a steady income. Plus, an established property maintenance manager will have the most cost-effective but high quality maintenance suppliers.

Another significant advantage, especially when you hire a management agency, is top tier marketing. People who are searching for places to live usually go to agencies because they know that the choices they offer are excellently managed.

With a constant stream of inquiries, it is very easy for an agency to find the perfect tenant for your condominium or apartment. An agency is an expert in choosing the best paying customers to give you maximum income.

The pros and cons of hiring a manager for your condominium or apartment complex are very similar to when you own a strip mall or a commercial building. It’s easier to deal with tenants and their needs and problems with an outsourced agency.


  • Optimum property management.
  • Excellent maintenance.
  • No accident risks.
  • Updated spaces.
  • No legal risks.
  • Comprehensive insurance for all parties.
  • Excellent customer service for tenants.
  • Reduced turnovers and more consistent income.
  • Better business overall.
  • Smoother evictions.
  • The most cost-effective way to manage your condominium or apartment.


  • You have to pay for management.

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For Your Own Home or Company Building

Whether you have a standard-sized house or a mansion, the work needed to sustain a safe and comfortable living space takes time and effort. Whoever is doing the management of a home needs to know what they are doing.

Compliances and insurance policies help keep things in place. A house needs to meet fire safety standards, have its parts like walls and ceilings checked for potential damage, and have security and alarm equipment.

Compliances entail endless paperwork that homeowners dread. With a property manager, you no longer have to go through excruciating queues and crawl through bureaucratic processes.

Most homeowners have minimal knowledge about excellent property management, and nobody has the time to do it. By outsourcing the job, you free yourself from the burdens and can be sure that everything is excellently done.

The same thing goes for when you own an office or a company building. You should hire someone who will focus on managing your property so that you can focus on your business.

Also, if you own several branches, it would be perfect if you hired a single agency to do your property management. This way, you will get consistent and dedicated service that you wouldn’t get if you hired different people for each branch.


  • Optimum property management.
  • Excellent maintenance.
  • No more worrying about maintaining your property.
  • You get the proper compliances and insurance.
  • Safe living and secure workplace.
  • Best decision for your business.
  • No more hassles and endless paperwork.
  • Peace of mind.
  • You can focus on other things.


  • You have to pay your outsourced expert.
  • If you own a significantly small house and have the time, you can save some money without outsourcing.

Marketing Your Property for Sale or Rent

A property manager is also a real estate agent and has a constant pool of people looking for houses or spaces to buy or rent. Potential tenants know that these managers can provide what they want.

If you are selling your property, list it under an agency – it is the best way you can market and the quickest way to close deals. An agency does expert matchmaking and will always find the best person who will pay the best price for your offering.

Your agency will prepare the contracts, paperwork, and the property so that it is worthy of calling home and legally approved for use. If you are looking to earn from your property, whether you want to sell it or put it out for rent, get a property manager, and you’ll get the amount you want, fast.


  • Excellent property marketing.
  • Optimum matchmaking.
  • The best returns.
  • Easy selling or letting.
  • Easy to customize specs for a client.
  • No risks of selling for a loss.
  • Perfectly furnished contracts.
  • No legal risks.


  • You might have to pay the agent a portion of your earnings.


Hiring a property manager, for most intents, is an excellent decision. It is especially crucial when you are running a business like a condominium, apartment complex, strip mall, or any company housed in a building.

Whether you want optimum maintenance for your own home or company, or earn excellent profits from renting out or selling your property, getting expert help will give you significant advantages.

We hope you found this blog post The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Property Manager useful. Be sure to check out our post Do You Really Need a Property Manager? for more great tips!

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