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Undoubtedly one of the most famous travel destinations globally, the United Kingdom, also known as the UK, is a sovereign state consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It has a rich cultural heritage, intriguing history, impressive museums, stunning countryside, incredible museums, and breathtaking landmarks. If a holiday to the United Kingdom is in the cards, keep your UK visa ready and check out the best things to do in this remarkable destination. Here is a list of the the UK’s Top Tourist Destinations.

Lake District

The spectacular Lake District has recently made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list. It has an enthralling landscape that has inspired many poets, artists, and writers. It is brimming with abundant natural beauty – crystal-clear lakes, rugged mountain terrain, excellent museums, and beautiful villages. On the horizon is Scafell Pike, the highest point in England and the second-largest national park in the UK. Endless outdoor activities such as canyoning, trekking, hiking, photography, and cycling are available here.


Another of the UK’s top tourist destinations, Stonehenge has a deep history that dates back several thousand years. It is one of the oldest World Heritage sites globally and consists of a circle of standing stones having Neolithic and Bronze Age structures. These unusual stone structures have puzzled many historians and archeologists over the years as to their purpose, with theories ranging from a burial ground or healing place to a sacred ritual area or a solar calendar. Though the mystery remains, a visit to this enchanting monument must be on your UK itinerary.


londin bridge

Hands down one of the most amazing cities in the UK and the world, London is at the top of the dream list of many travelers and one of the UK’s top tourist destinations. It is replete with some of the most iconic landmarks in the world – Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, River Thames, Trafalgar Square, Windsor Castle, Parliament Buildings, and Westminster Abbey, among others. It is also one of the most diverse cities and is a booming center for culture, history, fashion, food, and arts, attracting more than 25 million visitors every year.


Named after its famous Roman Baths, this UNESCO World Heritage Site dates to more than 2,000 years ago. It is also famous for its former resident, and one of the most eminent writers in the English language, Jane Austen. Bath is one of the region’s smaller cities, but millions of tourists visit it every year due to its exciting history. Head to the Thermae Bath Spa to take a dip in the soothing hot waters while enjoying a panoramic view of the city and the abbey. While here, take a tour of the well-preserved, amber-colored Georgian houses.


scotland castle

When you think of Scotland, you might imagine imposing castles, the Loch Ness Monster, tartan-kilted Highlanders, blasting bagpipes, awe-inspiring scenery, and the birthplace of golf. Scotland’s unique and mysterious beauty beckons travelers from all over the world. The endless greenery, rugged mountains, rolling hills, secluded beaches, and remote moors also give people much-needed solitude and a chance to be with nature. Be it the capital city of Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, or Glasgow, you have plenty of things to see in this gorgeous country.

Oxford and Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The UK has two of the world’s most prestigious universities, Oxford and Cambridge, which are renowned centers for learning. When in the UK, you must make time to visit these stellar institution towns. Oxford University consists of 38 colleges set around a quadrangle with chapels, libraries, student hostels, and dining halls. Cambridge has 31 colleges and is the alma mater of brilliant minds such as Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. Wander on Queens Road, also known as ‘The Backs’ and enjoy illustrious highlights of the town.


Windsor is a short train ride from London and home to the magnificent Windsor Castle. The grand castle served as the summer residence of the British royal family for over a millennium. Key highlights here include the striking State Apartments containing the Queen’s Gallery and dining hall, and St. George’s Chapel, best known as the home of the Knights and Ladies of the ancient Order of the Garter. Don’t miss the verdant gardens of the castle. Other attractions here are Royal Ascot, the most popular horse-racing venue, and Legoland.

The Cotswold

One of the most picturesque places in England, the Cotswold stretches from the south of Stratford-upon-Avon to the south of Bath. It includes parts of many counties such as Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire. A visit to Cotswold is a great way to experience the beauty of rural English life. You will see beautiful rolling hills, meandering roads, cheese shops, antique stores, charming villages, and white stone cottages.


The UK is full of so many marvelous things to do that you will be truly overwhelmed by the choices. Whether for a cultural trip, a beach holiday, a romantic getaway, or a family vacation, this destination will satiate all travelers.

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