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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, full of joy, fun, family and gifts. Unfortunately, this time of year is also popular for burglars. As a result, you need good tips for holiday home safety. Not only is a burglary traumatizing, but it can also ruin an otherwise joyful time of the year.

But how are you supposed to keep your home and family safe from these risks? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Without any further ado, let’s cover some great tips when it comes to keeping your home and family safe during the holidays.

Install and Use a Security System


If keeping both your home and family safe is your goal, a holiday home safety tip is to consider using a security system. These systems can alert you when someone enters your home, and a loud alarm can minimize the damage and loss. Many come with cameras, sensors and lights to ensure your home is safe. Many systems today are incredibly easy to install and use, as well.

Despite the many benefits a security system provides, under 40% of all US households have a security product of some kind. If you don’t have one, you are lacking one of the best deterrents for burglars.

Of course, be sure to know the ins and outs of your system and do some research on how it works. For example, here you can find more info on alarm window contacts, an important part of securing your home. The more you know about your device, the better you will be able to use it to protect your home.

Hide Your Gifts and Other Valuables

In many cases, a burglary is a crime of opportunity. Someone will see something valuable in a home, and right then and there decide that they want it. As a result, having expensive items out in your yard or in your windows on display can often be a magnet for would-be burglars. Because of this, be sure to keep all gifts and valuables out of sight.

If they are right in front of a big open window that faces the street, countless people will see these items. Sure, 99% of them will simply walk on by, but all it takes is one brazen individual to completely ruin your holiday season. A good way to combat this is either to keep the blinds closed (especially at night), or to keep all gifts and valuables out of sight.

Avoid Oversharing on Social Media

Another holiday home safety tip is to avoid oversharing on social media. With billions of people actively using social media, there is a good chance you’re on there from time to time. While it can be a fun way to entertain yourself and keep tabs on friends and family, it can also be dangerous. If you are heading out of town for the holidays, be sure not to post about it online. You never know who could see it and use your absence as an opportunity to help themselves to your belongings.

Also, if you do travel away for the holidays, be sure to let a neighbor know and have them watch out for any anyone who might try to gain entry to your home or snoop around. Also, having someone shovel and/or take your mail can help the home look like people are inside, which will deter most burglars.

Be Careful with Christmas Lights

While Christmas lights are the preferred decoration for many families and can look incredible, you also need to be careful with them. The month of December is often full of electrical fires, and these Christmas lights are often to blame. Whether the cords are ripped or torn, or the bulb is cracked, these lights can often lead to accidental house or yard fires.

When putting them up every year, be sure to inspect the cord as well as the bulbs to make sure they are in good shape. If not, consider replacing them. It can not only improve how your decorations look, but also keep your home and yard safe.

Also, be sure to turn these lights off frequently. If left on all the time, these lights can get incredibly hot, and not only potentially start fires but also potentially burn you if you touch them.

Whether you get a security system, hide your gifts and valuables, avoid oversharing on social media, or be careful with your lights, these tips can help keep your family and valuables safe this holiday season.

We hope you found this blog post on Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe during the Holidays useful. Be sure to check out our post on 10 Home Technologies that can make Your Home Easier and Safer for more great tips!


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