Moving to a New House

An American Community Survey (ACS) survey showed that over 40 million Americans move yearly. Most of these moves are within the same county or state, and housing is the most common motivator for moving.

Suppose you’re moving to a new house in Miami for job-related reasons and want to celebrate with friends, but you have work the next day. How can you celebrate this milestone without getting drunk?

This article discusses the tips to celebrate moving to a new house without getting drunk and explains why people celebrate when they move to a new residence.

People celebrate for various reasons—birthdays, promotions, marriages, and other significant life events. Some individuals celebrate when they move to a new house, where friends, family, and even new neighbors can come over and welcome the movers. And when the party starts, the drinks can start flowing, too.

While drinking during a celebration can bring some fun, it can also cause risks, especially when you’re driving. According to statistics compiled by Michael&Associates, about 140,000 Americans die due to alcohol-related causes.

Learning how to celebrate moving to a new home without getting drunk can help you manage your drinking habits and make your celebration a memorable and safe experience.

How to Celebrate Your New Home Without Getting Drunk

So you move to your new home and invite your friends for a little congratulatory party. But you’re also concerned about getting drunk and causing trouble later. What can you do to avoid drinking too much?

Among the first things you should consider is to ensure you have something to eat. You may have yet to unpack everything after arriving at your new place, but consider preparing some food and having a meal before you start drinking. Medical experts say food does three things in your stomach:

  • The food’s water content dilutes the alcohol you drink afterward
  • Fats, proteins, and fiber help slow down your body’s alcohol absorption
  • Food replenishes your body with vitamins and minerals that alcohol depletes

There is also a likelihood that eating food before or during alcohol consumption may help speed up alcohol metabolization and reduce your chances of getting a hangover. Little research supports this potential, but scientists should consider looking deeper into food’s effects on alcohol.

Another way to help you enjoy drinking without getting intoxicated during your moving celebration is to take sips of water before, between, and after drinks. Water gives you something to drink before refilling your cup and helps with alcohol absorption and breakdown.

When drinking water, sip it slowly to put more time between your alcoholic drinks.

If you know how much alcohol you can tolerate, use that amount to limit your intake. Suppose you know that you can get drunk after three glasses of beer. Consider spacing each glass far enough to help you not get wasted too early.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that men limit their daily alcohol intake to two drinks or fewer. Meanwhile, women should only consume one alcoholic beverage or fewer. Of course, not drinking at all is another option.

What if your new place is in a pretty strict neighborhood, or you haven’t finished putting away the boxes at home? You may decide to go to a bar and celebrate there instead.

In this case, consider bringing cash instead of your card. This way, you’re forced to stop drinking when your money runs out.

It may also be better to learn more about blood alcohol content (BAC) or the amount of alcohol in your blood due to alcoholic beverages.

At 0.05% BAC, you may have lowered alertness and an impaired sense of judgment. At 0.08%, you may find it challenging to sense danger.

If you’re driving a vehicle, it can also help to know the alcohol limits to drive within your state legally. For example, a BAC of 0.05% in New York is legal evidence of impairment, while 0.08% or higher indicates intoxication.

Still, one of the most significant ways to avoid getting drunk while celebrating your new home is to not give in to peer pressure. Alcohol isn’t for everyone. If you’re one of these people, be confident in your decision to avoid drinking. Do not feel unexcited or ashamed just because you prefer not to drink.

Why Celebrate When Moving to a New House

The act of moving is a significant milestone for many people and cultures worldwide. Some people go so far as celebrating their move with housewarming or move-in rituals. Many of these rituals have existed for centuries and are believed to provide luck and clear bad energy from your new home.

For example, Jewish tradition states that you should bring salt and bread to a new home. The belief is that getting these items to a new home makes it possible for the people who just moved to sustain themselves.

Meanwhile, a Chinese ritual requires celebrating the move by ringing a bell to help clear each room of stagnant energy or qi (also called chi) in the new home.

If you have a Native American background, you may have considered smudging or burning sage upon moving to your new home. But even if you don’t have such a lineage, this ritual is a centuries-old Native American tradition many non-natives have adopted. The belief is that burning helps clear negative energy and protect a space.

Regardless of your beliefs or traditions, celebrating your move should be done responsibly, whether you choose to drink or not. If you’re unsure of your limits, consult a doctor to determine how much alcohol you can consume without getting drunk.


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