solar panels installed on a roof

Ever since they became commercially available back in the 1970s, solar panels have always seemed a bit out of reach to the average consumers they were persistently marketed to. Sure, the idea always felt exciting, but the financial aspects made the panels available only for a selected few.

Boy, how the world has changed over the last 50 years. First, the technology became more efficient and cheaper to produce. Second, governments all over the world are doing their best to subsidize the purchase and make the panels more accessible to a wide consumer base.

So, if you are planning to move to a new home, why wouldn’t you consider starting fresh and juicing your house with the power of the sun? Here are a couple of compelling benefits that will help you realize solar panels are evolving from novelty to necessity.

Exploding Energy Costs

At the moment, as much as 85% of the electricity we use today comes from non-renewable sources. The main problems with them are that they are slowly depleting and that, due to various geopolitical problems, the leftovers are becoming very hard to get. Both these things lead to booming energy costs. Solar tech is breaking this vicious cycle and gives you access to power that is affordable, unlimited, and completely isolated from the complex global political issues. Even when used as a secondary power source, solar panels have a positive effect on the household budget.

Reliable Power Source

Since we are talking about technology that still feels novel, new house owners may question the reliability of solar power systems. What happens if I am living in a cloudy area? Do the panels work efficiently during winter? We are happy to report that, if you are concerned with these things, you can put your worries to rest. Although they work with reduced efficiency when it’s cloudy, the solar panels will continue to generate energy at a substantial fraction of their peak levels. And you never have to deal with outages and grid failures whenever some storm hits the area.

houses with sloped roofs with solar panels installed

Favorable Acquisition Terms

Everyone buying a new home knows how valuable every dollar is when there are so many things to spend money on. With that in mind, it is good to know that solar panel systems have become more affordable and easier to purchase than in previous decades. We have already mentioned the various government rebates and incentives. The second option we would like to mention is that various companies are putting out interest free solar panels offers that allow you to buy these systems under very favorable terms and make your strained moving budget… well, a bit less strained.

Boosting the Value Of Your Home

Yes, you haven’t even moved in and we are already talking about selling your new home. But these are the realities of life, and getting yourself a property that can later be easily sold should be one of your biggest priorities during acquisition. Here lies one of the biggest benefits of solar panels, at least looking from the real estate perspective – solar systems add quite a lot of value to the property. This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise, since when installed solar panel systems require no new updates and investments when installed (only maintenance). This fact alone packs a killer value proposition.

Maintenance Costs

Very Low Maintenance Costs

Speaking of maintenance, the maintenance costs of current solar panel systems are incredibly low, especially considering we are talking about very sophisticated power generators. Solar panels only require that you wash off the dirt a couple of times a year, and since they are pretty durable this task can be easily performed with nothing more than a simple garden hose. But, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, hiring a professional instead will cost you $15 – $35 per panel.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Traditional power sources gained real notoriety for high emission of greenhouse gases, production of toxic waste, and water pollution. All these things are slowly wearing out our planet and making it inhabitable. Buying a new property presents an excellent opportunity to abandon these ways and make your new home sustainable and eco-friendly. Even if you are not concerned with these big-picture issues, sustainable properties are much cheaper to maintain and often qualify for various rebates, so there’s that.

We hope these compelling features give you some general idea about the perks new house owners can get by upgrading their homes with solar panels. Moving into a new home has always been seen as an opportunity for a fresh start. Why don’t you make this new beginning sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly?

We hope you found this blog post Top 6 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post Step by Step Guide on Getting a Home Solar Power System for more great tips!


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