Have you found your dream house yet? Usually, when moving into a new home, people look for a place that offers comfort and luxury together. It might sound exciting to some people, but for others, shifting to a new place is nothing less than a hassle. From packing everything, decorating the new home to making sure you have updated the address – it is quite overwhelming. Here’s where a moving checklist can help.

If you don’t organize yourself, this new home venture could be a total bust. Therefore, get your pens and papers ready to list down all your essentials and tasks to be done. But if you don’t have time for this, then don’t worry because we have picked our brains over vital things and tasks that people often miss. So, follow this checklist before moving into a new home!

1.  Internet and Cable Connection

Believe it or not, we have become so dependent on technology that even spending an hour without the internet seems like a nightmare. Thus, instead of moving into a dead zone, make sure you have cable and internet services running the day you move in. Get in touch with local providers and ask them about the installation time. Usually, it takes up 2-3 weeks, which means you have to make your booking weeks before moving in.

2.  Reserve a Storage Unit

At times, you are downsizing, but if you don’t want to toss items, booking storage units could be the perfect option. You can look for storage facilities near your new home and reserve the one which offers top-notch security features. Similarly, consider the amount of storage space you want and whether they can accommodate your seasonal clothing and lawnmowers. However, don’t wait until the last minute to make reservations because most of the storage facilities take pre-bookings.

3.  Label the Boxes

Sometimes, people are packing in a rush and end up putting everything together. It might save you time back then, but when unpacking, it will create a big mess. Therefore, make separate boxes for everything – clothes, slippers, décor, kitchenware, and other utilities. But how will you know which box consists of what? Label all the boxes with a black marker correctly. For instance – instead of writing clothes, write John’s casual t-shirts, so he doesn’t look for shirts in the box that has jeans.

4.  Spruce Up the Place

Are you a hygiene freak? Even if you are moving into a new house, it is always a good idea to clean all the nooks and corners. After all, you never know how the laborers or previous owners treated the house. Hence, before moving your furniture, either contact a cleaning company or equip yourself with cleaning tools. You should thoroughly clean the floors, paint the walls, and touch up the ceilings to make your new paradise look nothing but perfect!

5.  Update Your Address

This is an important item for your moving checklist. Some people forget about this aspect until they notice their bank statements arriving on the old address. Before anything else, update your address, ensuring all your emails, newsletters, loyalty programs, insurance, and checkbooks arrive in the new house. If you think this will take days, consider using technology. You can download the updater app, which will connect you with different companies while updating your address within minutes. Also, if you have spare time, ask restaurants to update their directories with the new address.

6.  Make a Separate Bag for Essentials

With a plethora of clutter lying on every corner, you would not want to sift through hundreds of boxes to find your toothbrush. Thus, don’t pack the essentials in cartons and boxes; instead, make a separate bag. Store a couple of clothes, facewash, toothbrush, night creams, slippers, PJs, medicines, and pet essentials. Also, keep this bag separate from other things and carry it to the new house yourself. It won’t just eliminate the need to unpack quickly, but it will also save a lot of time.

Final Word

For some people, moving is not a smooth transition because adjusting to a new home is not that easy. It exposes you to an unfamiliar atmosphere, environment, and new neighbors, while unpacking can take months. To have a smooth move-in journey, you have to start planning things rather than making last-minute decisions. So, consider following a checklist to ensure everything is happening according to the plan.

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