Sheds are not just for keeping your gardening tools and equipment, but can also serve a myriad of purposes. Garden sheds should be designed attractively to enhance the overall look of the backyard of the house. You can use it for varied purposes, such as organizing a small open area party, keeping it as your craft house, or making a kid’s playhouse.

Below are several popular types of sheds. You will love the ideas given here apart from just storing a lawnmower in your backyard shed.

woman sitting on hammock in yard surrounded by plants

Log Cabin Style Garden Shed

This is a cute way to add a shed in your garden backyard where you can store anything under the roof without the fear of any damage. To add rustic charm, you may choose to build it with natural wood colors.

Half-Open Garden Shed

These types of garden sheds are open in the front but covered with a roof. You will get a feel of a farmhouse looking at it. To add a fun and attractive element, keep the furnishings simple and cute. Made with original quality wood, this open space shed can form a peaceful place where you can sit by yourself to relax.

Romantic Backyard Shed

This shed serves a dual purpose: to keep things and to spend Love Making nights. Decorate the shed with hearts, flowers, fragrance, and everything that makes you fall in love with your partner.

cottage-like shed in open countryside with chairs in front

Simple Storage Shed

This is what most people think of as a way to use extra space in the backyard. Build it simple and sweet for keeping all the seasonal tools and equipment for which you don’t find any space inside the house. It keeps your belongings safe from different weather conditions.

The storage sheds are designed for the backyard, garden, and lawn area. It can be a moderately significant investment, and you can keep and rely on it for the next 1 to 2 decades. These sheds provide a perfect storage solution for your backyard, for storing outdoor power equipment or garden tools. Keep your things safe and secure with outdoor storage sheds and other mini storage buildings.

Country Garden Shed

This type of shed makes you feel like you are at a vacation home. It is a covered area in your garden where you can enjoy doing whatever you like, with great fun and eye-catching scenery around. Along with the shed, you can arrange some beautiful looking chairs and a small tea table to enjoy your morning coffee there.

Farm Space

Set up a farm in the garden backyard and enjoy a feeling like sitting in a farmhouse. Build 3 or 4 small sheds and decorate them like a village. These sheds are not just showpieces but are functional too. And, every guest who comes to your house will be impressed by your creativity.

Shed with Fencing

Through woodcrafting, the shed gets a look of a small town where there are plants and gardens all around with an entrance and exit. Here the choice of wooden material and design is crucial. You can also use unconventional materials for your fence, like knotted netting. To create the fence, simply stretch the netting between posts and secure it in place with ties or clips. The netting can be cut to the desired length, and the knots can be adjusted to create a tighter or looser weave as needed.

One of the benefits of using knotted mesh netting is that it allows for some visibility. It’s also relatively easy to install and maintain, making it a popular choice for DIY garden shed projects.

Waterfront Shed

You can’t take your eyes off the scene where there is a waterfall on one side and a small house shed on the other. The house shed is so built that it seems it is made up of stones. Ah! It looks mesmerizing.

Loafing Sheds

A loafing shed is an essential outbuilding for any farm or backyard. Why are these sheds called loafing sheds? Because they protect horses and cattle from the elements during all four seasons of the year. Generally, they are built of galvanized steel or metal. Most people buy metal loafing sheds because of their high longevity, superior strength, and expandable modular design. They are fully engineered and quick easy to erect.

They give a mild, dry shade through the fall and wintertime and a comfortable shaded retreat during spring and summer months. Loafing sheds are built with 14-gauge Galvanized Steel Tube with the 1 7/8″ width and 1 5/8″ bore material. The manufacturing company fabricates the sheds to tight specifications right here in the USA.

Quonset Shed

Quonset sheds are durable, custom-sized sheds that fulfill your storage needs. They are pre-engineered metal sheds made of galvanized steel in a variety of colors. The unique advantage of Quonset sheds is it provides a lightweight and durable structure. And they could be transported overseas and quickly erected by yourself in a couple of days. These sheds are installed with their accessories, such as ventilators, to keep the structure fresh air or sunlight to let in natural light.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl sheds do not break quickly and are more climate resistant. They can generally withstand excess temperatures better than other synthetic plastic sheds. This is an excellent selection for those who live in tropical and humid climates. Overall, chemical sheds resist most elements better than other material sheds.

Price vs. Quality

Don’t choose a shed just based on price. Often the lowest cost sheds have some severe problems. Outdoor sheds with the best quality materials and reliable structure last longer and look better than the lowest cost options. Paying just a few hundreds of dollars more for a shed is usually a smart investment. If budget is a primary concern, focus on uncomplicated, well-designed sheds made with essential elements rather than those with fancy or premium materials.

Design Ideas

The appearance of an outdoor or backyard shed is just as important as its function and can enhance your home’s overall look.

Outdoor sheds are not merely for storing items. Ideally, you will pick a shed that complements the style of your house. If you have a country-style residence, your shed should be a simple design, possibly with board and batten covering. If your house’s style is more ornate, choose an outdoor storage shed with elaborate characteristics to match. You might choose specific features of your home, such as an arched shutter, windows, or doors, and carry the same motif over to your outdoor shed.

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