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We all know there are several types of homes. One of them is townhouses which are mostly for sale in different parts of the world. However, when it comes to finding townhouse for sale Calgary, we have to know all the details about the city, right? Keeping that in mind, we have shared basic knowledge. We would highly recommend going through the details so that you can make the wisest and most appropriate decision.

Why Look for a Home in Calgary?

Lifestyle comes with a lot of factors which include climate, monthly living cost, real estate and its market in Calgary, etc. are the prominent ones to talk about. So, let’s discuss these points. 

But before delving into the factors, let’s know a bit about the geographical conditions of Calgary. 

Where is Calgary Situated? 

Calgary is found amidst Bow Rivers in Canada. This city is enriched with natural beauty. However, when it comes to functionality. We can easily say it is more or less like the urban hub of South Alberta. Lifestyle from 2009 till 2015 was said to be the 5th best globally. This claim was based on life opportunities offered by Calgary

Climate of Calgary 

Calgary is found between the mountains which makes the city quite dry. It however has warmer temperatures. This comes as a good omen for residents because they get to enjoy the sunshine as much as needed. Calgary gets to see more than twenty thousand hours of sunshine annually. It is called the sunniest city in Canada. At the same time, people residing in Calgary are aware of “Chinook” which is the warmest Canadian wind. 

People of Calgary 

Residents of Calgary are mostly highly educated professionals or entrepreneurs. All these people have the same community mind. However, when we talk about the residents of this city. They are living a beautifully balanced life with an optimum level of health. People are mostly in their thirties, they are paid well, and pretty generous in trait. 

Living Costs in Calgary 

The cost of living in Calgary is pleasantly surprising because it is far more affordable than any other city in Northern America. Again, the reason is based on two cardinal factors – low-income tax, less inheritance, and provincial tax. You will not find sales tax. Interestingly, residents are given free health care.  

Calgary’s Real Estate 

The average time of selling a house in Calgary has been changing. For example, before 2018, properties were listed and were sold within 45 days. However, in 2018 properties stayed listed for 2 months which is 60 days. Nonetheless, the prices increased by more than 15% and people bought and sold homes without any issue.

Healthcare in Calgary 

Calgary amazes us with the kind of healthcare it offers to its locals and residents. We are not just saying to make you fall for the place. According to the latest survey, Calgary ranks 17th on the ladder of best health opportunities and facilities. This survey was however conducted in the northern side of the US. Interestingly, Alberta makes sure to facilitate patients with free health services. It means, there are no monthly charges. Almost every hospital in Alberta provides a 24 hours emergency service. Trauma centers in southern Alberta are exceptional in terms of whatever it offers. Some of the most popular healthcare centers in Alberta include Sheldon M. Chumir Health Center and Tom Baker Cancer Center. 

Music is in the Blood of Calgarians 

Music runs in the blood of Calgarians. That’s why it arranges musical events quite often. Such events are mostly and usually fun-filled and invite local bands. However, East Village and Inglewood are the two best neighborhoods. They have an original street for music – Music Mile. Some of the famous music centers are mentioned below. 

  • King Eddy 
  • Ironwood Stage & Grill
  • Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 
  • National Music Center 
  • Broken City 
  • MacEwan Center 

Food and Dining Experience in Calgary 

The food scene in Calgary is epic. It is because restaurants have won the community best food award. The food is exceptionally amazing and it is just too amazing. If you are thinking of making your future home in Calgary. Don’t forget to visit the following restaurants. 

  • Chinatown: it is one of the best restaurants found in Calgary. Since it serves Chinese in the most authentic form, it is quite a hit. 
  • Mission: it has the most scrumptious and trendy fare. It has amazing and most tantalizing food from different countries. It will not be wrong to say it has everything from Italian to Indian and Japanese. 
  • Downtown Calgary: this place has different fine dining spots, bistros, and coffee shops. 
  • Inglewood: there are French as well as Italian bistros with award-winning restaurants and cafes. 
  • International Avenue: this is the right place for cultural aura and the best culinary offerings. It comes with ethnic kinds of restaurants. 

Last Words: Townhouses in Calgary Provides All That You Need

Yes, townhouses in Calgary indeed provide all sorts of necessities that you need. When it comes to groceries, entertainment, nature, and eateries – Calgary proves to be the best city in Canada. 

We hope you found this blog on Townhouses in Calgary Is the Most Balanced Way of Living useful. Be sure to check out our post 5 Tips To Adjust In a New Country for more great tips!

Why should I Move to Calgary and Which Benefits it Will Give Me?

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