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In this article, we go through the reasons why you should move to Calgary. We also review the benefits that you can get from moving to Calgary.

It will help you answer the question you’re asking yourself: Why And How Should I Move to Calgary?

And, finally, how can I find houses for sale in Calgary NE effectively?

Real estate brokers always point out many factors to be considered while selecting a neighborhood to sell a home. And most of them are true like distance from schools, public transportation, or good grocery stores. However, many other things, such as crime rate, age demographics, or crime rate too, which are not always related to the above factors, play a major role in choosing neighborhoods. I would call them “unmeasured factors“.

Most people are only interested in knowing a home’s immediate neighborhood, like the nearest home for sale, school or grocery store. Although it’s a small part and certainly has to do something with the house’s value, they are also huge factors in choosing a neighborhood.

Top Reasons to Move to Calgary

This city is very popular and one of the most welcoming places to move to (if you are moving to Canada). Because it is considered to be among Canada’s safest cities (thanks to the many police stations and security details), people from various different backgrounds can live without fear in Calgary.

It’s always going to be safer than many cities in other countries. But, you will still be able to live normally here as no one can guarantee that you will be safe all over the world.

The city is often warm-hearted, warm-hearted and full of culture, and very welcoming. It has amazing shopping opportunities, the best places to eat around the world, and all sorts of other amenities and entertainment.

These all make this city one of the top choices for relocation.

Calgary has a strong sense of community. Because of the high-quality infrastructure in the city, it has managed to develop a very tight-knit relationship with its residents.

Calgary’s weather is quite cold by Canadian standards, but people all over the world can enjoy that city’s many unique and amazing features.

People who decide to make Calgary their new home have the ability to find their own niche in this diverse city.

The Other Reasons for Moving to Calgary

The reasons why you should move to Calgary have been mentioned above.

However, to understand how this is one of the top relocation places in Canada, we will break these down further.

Living Costs

Like many major cities in Canada, Calgary has a decent living cost for people that earn a full-time salary.

You can easily afford one-bedroom condos in Calgary for under $500 a month.

But if you have a family of two, then you will need to spend around $800 a month to live in such an apartment in the best part of the city center.

Some of these condos have a great outdoor area. It’s just that the cost of ownership is too high for most people.

You should be prepared to move to the suburbs if the costs are too much. A two-bedroom apartment in downtown Calgary with the best amenities would cost around $1200 a month.

There are cheaper options if the place also has a high-quality school nearby. A one-bedroom condo here would cost you all of $700 for a month. You can check out prices on the web to find out what your area actually costs.

There are many other benefits offered with more spacious housing as well.

Living in the suburbs will enable you to get a larger space to enjoy with your partner. But you will have to be willing to spend a couple of extra thousand dollars every month.


There is no need for anyone to worry about health care costs in Calgary.

Medicare covers your full healthcare needs as long as you are a resident of Canada.

If you are moving to an area other than the big city center, it will, however, be much more challenging. Health care costs can add a whole lot to your relocation expenses on top of your housing fees.

For example, living in a smaller town means that you will have to drive 40 minutes or more to a large hospital or doctor.

On top of that, the nearest hospital may, in fact, be several counties away. So, you will have to think up some other solution.

However, Alberta Health Services offers some great options to reduce healthcare cost. The options are usually dependent on your location.

If your plan is to live close to a school then you will probably be given a discount on healthcare fees.

But if you have to go farther, then you may have to find an insurance plan that covers a larger region.

The main benefits to healthcare have already been covered in the first few bullet points. If you are moving to Calgary, then everything will be covered.


Calgary has excellent schools for any kind of student.

Even if you have a child of high-school age with average grades, you can live in Calgary as education is completely free.

School is usually free even if it’s a private school. Many public schools too offer scholarships, and you can even access those that cost extra.

It’s just like any other country in the whole world; you simply have to be willing to put in some work to make sure your kid finds success.

However, you can spend thousands of dollars sending your kid to private schools should you so desire.


This is always going to be of paramount importance to any person moving to Canada.

You don’t need to be afraid of being in unsafe locations. All of your safety concerns have been addressed in Calgary.

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