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A leaking shower is such a pain and also wastes water. Also, it’s expensive. Moreover, the leaking water droplet sounds sometimes annoy you. And you can imagine the loss of energy due to the leaking hot water shower. It is no surprise if a shower leakage doubles your electricity bill because your water heater has to overwork. On top of all, it may also cause structural problems in your house due to leakage inside the wall. You might call a plumber in such a case but plumbers are usually occupied and you have to wait for days to get an appointment. Plus, they can be expensive too. Here are some tips to fix a leaking shower.

Check For Any Damage in the Floor

We usually think that if water is spilled on the floor, it must have been leaking from the shower but that’s not the case every time. Instead of calling a plumber, you should also check for any cracks or damage to the floor of your washroom. If the floor is damaged, you can try using M-seal for fixing it. If it is out of your hands, you should call a serviceman for repairing your tiles. Sometimes we pay for a simple fix that we can even do ourselves.

dirt on floor next to bathtub

Fix the Shower-head

If the problem lies in the shower, the first thing you should do is check the shower-head. To investigate the shower-head, you should first stop the water supply and turn off the main supply valve. Otherwise, you could imagine how it will be when water flows all around your house. Then, unscrew and open the shower-head head. Now, check the condition of the head, O ring threads, and plastic washer. If they are in bad condition, you should replace them as soon as possible. This will prevent your shower-head from leaking.

shower head and pipe

Unclog Shower-heads Holes

As you open the shower-head, also check the holes. They should be clear and not clogged because clogged holes can also cause leakage in your shower. This is quite normal as with the passage of time, dirt might collect in the holes to block them. To unclog the holes, there are many homemade workarounds like putting the shower-head in lime water or using a brush to clean the clogs.

water coming out of shower head

Is Your Pipe Connection Alright?

Leaking showers can also be the result of a broken pipe connection. First feel whether the water leaking out is hot or cold. And then repair the appropriate pipe and the valve to fix the leakage. If you can open and do it yourself, it’s well and good but if not, you can always call a professional plumber.

pipe wrenches and a pipe

Cleaning Can Also Help

Sometimes nothing is wrong but accumulated dirt may block the water flow or cause a leak. Remove all the parts of shower-head and before you put them back, clean them properly. You may also wash them in hot water to ensure a thorough cleaning inside the shower. Cleaning helps water flow smoothly and makes the valve easy to operate.

water coming out of a shower head

If a Shower Leaking From the Bottom

Your bathroom shower might be leaking from the bottom due to pressure created inside the shower. This may also be caused when the shower hose is blocked. This usually happens in the winter season due to the pressure created because of the hot water inside the shower. To fix this, it is suggested to use the shower with care and turn off the heater whenever not needed. You may also install a pressure relief device or get further advice from experts.

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