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In 2023, the population of Dubai will be 3.55 million, and become the second-largest populated city in the United Arab Emirates. The most important thing to note is that 84% of the total population in Dubai consists of expatriates. This percentage shows that people from across the world are more interested in moving to Dubai and there are many benefits for the expats that attract them to live in Dubai.

In this blog, we are going to have a comparison between the UK, USA, and Dubai and it will be helpful for you to decide which globally known region is economically suitable for expats living.

Pros Of Living in Dubai

Tax Benefits

The most highlighted benefit for expats living in Dubai is tax benefits. There is no income tax to pay and regarding sales tax only a minimum amount has to pay. As an expat, if you get a job in Dubai, you are free from paying tax amounts and you will be able to save money to deal with other matters of your life.

In the UK and the USA, there is a burden to pay tax amounts, and jobs in the UAE offer a more delicate commission structure than in the US.

Cultural Diversity

Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis and has a diverse range of people from different cultures living there with more comfort. They are living in Dubai without any change in their own culture, they can follow their norms and values. An individual who speaks only the English language is living freely and happily without any restrictions.

Modern Infrastructure

Dubai is a city of continuous evolution and progress. From the land of sand, it has transformed into a glamorous gem of the United Arab Emirates. It is globally known for its modern infrastructure. It has impressive architectural buildings epitome of advanced technology and stunning interiors and exteriors, the transportation system is also admirable, and state-of-the-art facilities and services are there for a comfortable life.

Business Hub

Dubai is known as a business hub; it is a favorite destination for business tycoons and gives world-class opportunities to invest in many profitable upcoming projects. It is an international trade center and has impressive growth in the real estate business. Whether, you a seasonal investor or a new investor looking for a better opportunity to invest or to start your business, Dubai is the best place, you will find plenty of options to invest.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubai offers a luxurious lifestyle and world-class standards of living. It is committed to offering high-end facilities and services to the residents. Every aspect of life health, education, dining options, fun and entertainment spots, shopping centers, spas, and gymnasium depict the elite standards of life. You can enjoy a luxurious life in spacious residential units of every type including studios, apartments, penthouses, townhouses, villas, mansions, and palaces.

Low Crime Rate

The capital of UAE – Dubai is the most secure and safest city in the world. The government of UAE has paid special attention to the security system of the city to ensure a secure environment for the citizens of Dubai. There is a proper rules and regulations to follow and everyone is obliged to follow these rules.

Cons of living in Dubai

Cost Of Living

The Dubai lifestyle cost of living is high as compared to the UK and the USA. The rental amount is high, and housing and schooling are expensive.

Extreme Weather

The weather conditions in Dubai are extreme. In the summer season, the temperature reaches up to 100 F and sometimes even more than that and becomes unbearable.

Oil Dependency

The major source of revenue in the UAE is oil and natural gas, by exporting the oil the government of UAE generates income and plans economic strategies. The total dependency on oil may cause the risk of vulnerability and fluctuations in global oil prices and a drop in oil prices can cause economic effects in the region.

Comparison between Dubai, USA, and UK


Housing in Dubai costs high, especially in the prime location. The cost of housing depends on many factors such as size, location, and type of property. The price varies from property to property. The price of apartments is different from villas and townhouses and similarly, the different locations have different prices of the property.

Housing in the UK also depends on the same factors, the UK offers various types of properties to the residents. The rental price of the property also depends on the area. The housing cost in London is higher and, in the USA, New York is the most expensive city regarding housing.


Utilities in Dubai like electricity, water, and gas are less expensive than UK and USA. The billing and cost of these services are higher UK and depend on the usage of the service.


The transportation cost in Dubai is relatively higher than in the UK and USA. In Dubai, there is more dependency on private transport and there is an expense of fuel and maintenance of the vehicle. In the UK, public transport is preferred and suits the people. Even public transport in Dubai costs high as compared to public transport in the USA.

The average monthly public transport expense in Dubai is $190 and in the USA is $104.

Food and Grocery

The cost of food and grocery depends on the store and location of the store. The imported items in Dubai are costly. In the UK, grocery items are relatively less expensive but it also depends on the supermarkets’ location and their pricing plans.

Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities are affordable in Dubai but for expatriates, it is a little bit expensive as they need private health insurance. It is necessary that expats if they want to get the benefits of exceptional health facilities in Dubai, must be aware of the health insurance system in Dubai. The UK health care system provides mostly free or less expensive medical facilities to the residents.

Final Verdict

In many aspects, Dubai is more affordable and less expensive, especially for expats. The government of UAE plans economic strategies by keeping an eye on the increasing number of expatriates in the region. The education system, medical facilities, transportation, fun and entertainment opportunities, residential units, technology-based facilities, and business opportunities are all state-of-the-art amenities and provide up-to-the-mark standards of life in Dubai.

We hope you found this blog post on UK vs USA vs Dubai, Which Is More Economical for Living as An Expat? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Living Abroad after Retirement, Is it Right for You? for more great tips!

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