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On average, we spend 50% of our waking time at home. So, a half of our waking hours, we are looking at the same couch, furniture arrangement, and accessories. Regardless of how well-decorated the interior is, after a while, it becomes tiresome to look at the same scene. Also, décor trends might have changed since you’ve last redecorated the space. Remodeling the place completely can be time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, there are ways to give your home a makeover without overspending. Here are a few easy steps to refresh your living space.

Add Visual Interest to the Living Room

The living room is the center of many decorating efforts. This especially goes for style over function moves. If you don’t have an accent wall in your living room, now is the time to create one. If you have it, you can shake things up a bit by changing the theme. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Paint a wall with a color or a pattern that contrasts the rest of the room.
  • Display family photos, travel memories, or artistic photographs. Also, if you want to make it more interesting, use frames of different colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • Build a showcase wall, such as a built-in entertainment center or a bookcase.
  • The simplest way to make one wall pop is by adding wallpaper with an interesting pattern.

Splurge on Comfort

While there are many design endeavors you can perform with a small amount of money, comfort is something you should not sacrifice if you want to make your home a place where you love to be. 

The first place to focus on comfort is your bedroom. When was the last time you bought a new mattress? If there have been more than ten years, make sure you look up the best available mattresses for your bedframe. Also, you might want to think about your sofa and an armchair (if you have one) in the living room because your guests and your household members need to feel comfortable when watching TV or chatting. To make the space cozy, stock up on throw pillows for both the living room and the bedroom.

Eyes on the Floor

Rugs offer a simple and affordable way to upgrade any floor. Runner rugs are great options for the kitchen and the entryway, but they can also be useful in the bedroom by the bed so that you can have a soft and warm spot to land your feet on first thing in the morning. Area rugs are ideal for the living room. If you want to make things more interesting, you can use the trick of layering rugs. Take one that’s in a simple color and texture and throw a shaggy rug or a Persian-motif piece on top.

Make Accent Pieces out of Everyday Things

Sometimes it’s impossible to afford the extra space for accent pieces, such as artistic items and accessories. However, you can add visual interest to the room with everyday functional objects. For example, think about swapping your traditional coffee table with a repurposed item, cocktail ottoman, two or three nesting tables, or a bench. Include one furniture piece that stands out with bright or patterned upholstery. Anything that captures the eye can work.

Work on Your Lighting

Lighting has three layers and two functions. The layers are ambient, task, and accent, while the functions are practical and decorative. We usually pay the most attention to the ambient (overhead) lights, but every interior will benefit from the other two. 

For example, task fixtures (such as under-the-cabinet kitchen lights, nightstand lamps, and floor lamps) are highly functional, and they can serve a decorative purpose too. Accent lights can serve to draw the focus to specific items, such as artwork. To make them work as decorative items, decide on a specific style (e.g., Victorian with chandeliers or modern sleek with metallic elements in silver or gold).

Mind the Details

Small changes can refresh the space more than you could possibly imagine. Even rearranging the furniture will make the interior look completely new. There is so much you can accomplish with houseplants and accessories. Display greenery around the house, but pay attention to which plants belong in which room. Some are not healthy to keep in the bedroom, and some need more light than they can get in an average bathroom. Arrange details such as souvenirs or decorative pieces (e.g., vases and memorabilia) in groups based on colors or shapes.

Final Word

A home is a safe, familiar place; that’s why we tend to say “it feels like home.” Still, it doesn’t have to remain the same forever. Use these few tips for a quick and affordable upgrade.

We hope you found this blog post Update and Refresh Your Home in 6 Easy Steps useful. Be sure to check out our post 7 Best Home Flooring Ideas and Options for more great tips!

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