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When you have a white room, it can make your home feel like the one simple thing in a chaotic world. But styling these kinds of rooms can be quite hard if you don’t know what you should do. Here are 10 ways to warm up a plain white room without creating chaos.

Incorporate Warm Textiles

There is nothing that will warm up a plain white room like incorporating some blankets and pillows that are cozy and soft. But instead of just plopping them wherever, drape them over your couch and put the pillows on the couches, and your space will instantly look warm and cozy.

Add Some Greenery

One of the most popular and modern ways of adding warmth to a white room is simply adding greenery. All the different shades of greens will contrast with the white of the walls and it will warm up space immediately. The key to incorporating all the details correctly is you need to choose the right colored pot. So if you are sticking to a neutral palette, choose a neutral pot.

Mix Furniture Different Styles and Periods

When you have a white room, it can be quite hard to pick furniture that won’t make it look like a museum or a chaotic place. If you are sticking to your white theme you can easily mix different styles of furniture and have it look amazing. By sticking with one color palette you are making it easier to mix and match furniture from different periods and still have it look classy and modern while creating a warm space.

Bring in Warmth with Wood or Rattan

Another really interesting and modern way to bring in some warmth into a room is simply incorporating natural materials like rattan and wood. The white of the walls will make the pieces shine in their true colors. There is nothing that will look more amazing than incorporating wood tables and dressers. If that is too much for you, you can try styling rattan lamp shades. That will give it a lighter touch but still bring in warmth.

Utilize Graphic Black Accents

If you have had your walls done by professionals such as North Shore painters, or other professional painters if you aren’t from Australia, there is nothing stopping you from using black accents. By using black accents, you will create dynamic and bring warmth into a room. This can be anything from black lighting fixtures, accent pillows or black furniture. But keep in mind that if your walls were not done properly, then when you are creating a contrast you will see every single mistake on that white wall.

Install Warm Lighting

One of the best perks of having a white room is that it reflects natural light during the day. But when nighttime comes, it can get quite depressing and dark. The most popular minimalistic way to bring in some warmth into the white room is simply installing warm-toned lights. Always opt for lampshades and bulbs that will produce a warm light, instead of having a white light on a white surface.

Go for Metallic Accents

If you are looking for something that will both make your space warm and luxurious, there is nothing better than incorporating metallic accents. By adding copper or brass accents you are adding warmth to space. Accent furniture doesn’t need to be anything elaborate and special; it can be something as simple as a coffee table whose frame is metallic or a simple floor lamp.

Add Pops of Color

If all white everything isn’t the look for you, you can add pops of color with small fun accessories. That is the simplest and most effective way to bring life and warmth into a white room. But adding a pop of color doesn’t mean that you need to bring in loud bright colors. Greys and blues work well with white. Accents will give your space more personality and make it overall a warm space.

Hang Some Art

If you are looking to create a sophisticated and classy place, hanging art is the way to go. White walls create the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. But don’t forget to incorporate some of the ideas we have mentioned previously when you are choosing the frames. Go for wooden or metallic frames to make them stand out.

Add a Fun Rug

Another great way to make your white room feel warmer and look less minimalistic is to add a rug. One of the best ways is to make the rug a centerpiece. That way no matter what you choose it will look amazing. There are endless possibilities when picking out a rug. There is always something that fits your taste.

An all-white interior can be quite bland if you don’t add some warmth to it. Once you do that, the space will look more luxurious and welcoming.

We hope you found this blog post 10 Ways to Warm Up a Plain White Room useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Elegant Ideas to Decorate Your New Home for more great tips!


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