Smoke Curtain

Newer buildings are trending to open designs. This means that the traditional heavy fire doors that were once used in older layouts aren’t as practical, nor are they pleasing to the eye. 

Smoke and fire curtains are a more innovative way to provide fire protection in buildings. They keep fire and smoke from spreading while blending in seamlessly with the building’s design. 

Smoke and fire curtains are designed to deploy automatically when a fire alarm or smoke detector triggers them. They descend from the ceiling, sealing off the opening to create a fire-resistant barrier. 

Major Benefits of Using Smoke and Fire Curtains in Your Building

If you’re constructing a new building or remodeling an older one to have an open layout, smoke and fire curtains can be the solution you need. 

Effectively Contain Fire and Smoke

Their biggest benefit is that they can keep flames and smoke from spreading. This is critical for the safety of every occupant, allowing them to get out of the building while firefighters can turn their attention to the fire. 

Promotes Better Visibility for Safe Evacuation

A fire can severely hinder visibility due to the smoke. Smoke and fire curtains confine these elements, making it much easier for those in the building to see where they’re going. It can help reduce injuries and accidents during fires. 

Easy Integration

Bulky fire doors are hardly discreet. You won’t see fire curtains as they blend right in. You’ll forget their presence until the moment they are needed, meaning that you’ll protect your patrons and employees while retaining the design of the area. 

Fire Safety Regulation Compliance

Every building is required to meet fire safety regulations by having the proper measures to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. A smoke curtain plays an essential role in this, and since it is rigorously tested and certified, you will have peace of mind knowing that your building is compliant. 

Best Places for Using a Smoke and Fire Curtain

Many different types of settings can benefit from the installation of safety curtains. In an office building, there is a higher risk of electrical fires due to the wiring systems and electronic devices. Installing fire curtains in your corridors, around elevators, and in stairwells ensures that every employee can safely exit. 

Schools are another place where smoke and fire curtains are essential safety equipment. A small fire can be kept from turning into an inferno in classrooms, libraries, and cafeterias to keep students and staff safe.

Fire and smoke curtains are also ideal for hotels and retail centers. These places often have open and airy designs that make it hard to install traditional fire protection barriers. Fire curtains can deploy in an instant to halt the spread of fire, protecting people and property alike. Regardless of the size and type of your setting, smoke and fire curtains give you the best advantage for enhancing your building’s safety.

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