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It seems to be a pretty easy household chore, clean the windows on both sides and get them squeaky clean. However, so many people are doing it wrong, and actually are making their windows worse due to the mistakes. Here’s what you need to know about the best ways to get your windows squeaky clean!

What Makes Windows So Dirty In The First Place?

If you aren’t pressing your hands and face against the windows, you might wonder what makes your windows so dirty, especially if most of the dirt is getting on the inside of the window. For starters, windows can become dirty due to accumulated grease and steam in the air, especially your kitchen windows.

These particles will fog up your windows, and while they might seem to fade with time they are actually building up and can make the windows very difficult to clean. Contaminants in the air and incorrect cleaning methods can also turn your once clear windows into a squeaky and dirty mess. 

Additionally, even minerals in the water whenever you spray your outside windows with a hose can cause spots and streaks if not wiped away. With everything that can dirty your windows on both sides, you need to make sure that your cleaning game is on point to prevent streaky and fogged windows that will become extremely hard to clean.

How To Properly Clean Your Windows

Whether you clean your windows with hot water and a squeegee, or you just spray on some Windex and wipe on it, you need to make sure that you are properly cleaning your windows to prevent streaks and water spots. But how do you clean your windows to prevent them from getting dirty again?

For starters, while it might seem like a good idea to clean your windows on a very sunny day, the sun can actually cause problems for you. When you clean your windows during a sunny day, the sun can actually dry your cleaner on to the glass before you can wash or wipe it off, and this creates a streaky film that can be very hard to remove.  

Cleaning your windows on overcast days or on days where the shade is on your side can be very helpful, so make sure to do that to get the best results.

Additionally, you should always use a handheld vacuum or wipe the window down in order to knock dust and dirt from the glass. Get a good clean window before you apply any type of water or cleaner, because otherwise you will just get a muddy and hard to clean mess that will make your window look worse.

Take Your Time With Wiping The Window Down Before And After

While many people just like to spray, wipe, and move onto the next window, what happens before and after you clean your window is going to be just as important. So make sure to take a rag and wipe the window clean of dust and grime, and once you have washed the window with your solution, make sure to dry the window completely.

Take your time making sure the window is clean before you move onto the next one, because a dirty window or a wet window will still have the potential to not be cleaned properly.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call A Professional

Finally, while it is generally advised to clean your windows once or twice a year, sometimes your windows will get especially dirty and your standard cleaning tricks just won’t get the dirt and grime out. If you find that you can wrestle with your windows to get them properly cleaned, then you need to call on a house washing near me service to get your home clean for you.

These services often use high pressure power washers that will use all sorts of abrasives on your home. The pressure from these washers is safe for your home, but they can cut through dirt and grime to clean windows, siding, walls, and even the roof of your home. 

These house washing services can remove stains, algae, mildew, mold, and other residue that can’t be fully removed by hand, and they are often a quick and effective way to get your home clean. The high pressure is even safe to use on your windows, and once the procedure is complete, your home will look just like new.

Different Types Of Pressure Washing

As you look for different types of services to clean your home, it might be worthwhile to understand one of the most common types of pressure washing that will be used on the exterior of your house. Soft washing.

Soft washing uses low pressure water that is sprayed on your house, and that water is often mixed with a detergent or bleach to further increase its effectiveness. It is very good at removing stains and making sure that the exterior of your home is clean, and you also don’t need to worry about anything other than a few drops of water in the aftermath. 

The procedure is safe for people and pets to be around once it is complete, and after the water dries you’ll be able to get back into your freshly clean house and look out your newly cleaned windows!

Make Sure To Clean Your Windows Both On Time And Correctly

While you might only be able to clean your windows once or twice a year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it correctly. You can rely on a power washer to clean them or you can try to get them cleaned yourself, but make sure that you are taking the time to clean them correctly because it will make a job well done even more rewarding for you. 

Proper cleaning at the right time will allow your windows to shine clearly, and then you can look out of them onto the world without seeing those frustrating water spots and smudges blocking your view.

We hope you found this blog post on What Are The Best Ways To Clean Windows? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Know About Cleaning Windows In High-Rise Buildings for more great tips!

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