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Trucks are the lifeblood of the American economy since they are responsible for transporting goods across the country. Without them, most retailers would not have anything to sell. However, trucks can also be dangerous when they get into accidents because of the sheer amount of damage they can cause to smaller vehicles. And with trucks, all other vehicles are smaller vehicles. The superior size and weight of trucks means that they can cause a lot of damage to other vehicles and the people inside of them. This post describes things to do after a truck accident.

Fortunately, anyone who is involved in a truck accident can get compensation to cover any expenses caused by that accident if the truck driver was responsible for causing the accident. However, the trucking company will offer firm resistance to anyone who wants compensation, which is why the accident victim needs to hire a lawyer to get the help they need. The attorney will be able to navigate the various rules and regulations involving the trucking industry and will not be afraid to take on the trucking company. If you were in a truck accident in the Orlando area, then you should contact truck accident lawyers Fasig and Brooks to get the help you need.

Proving Liability

Gathering evidence is one of the first things to do after a truck accident. The first thing you need to prove in a truck accident case—or any kind of personal injury case—is liability, in other words, who was responsible for the accident. You will need to prove that the truck driver was being negligent when they caused the accident, which is why you need to hire a lawyer early on. They can gather evidence that proves the truck driver’s liability, which can help your case and give you a better chance of getting the compensation you’re entitled to.

In truck accidents, the trucking company is ultimately responsible for the accident, which means that they will have the resources to fight back against any personal injury claims. That is why you need a lawyer who will gather a lot of evidence on your side. The more evidence that proves that the truck driver and trucking company were liable for the accident, the better your chance of receiving the settlement amount you need.

Calculating Your Damages

Damages are the expenses that you need to be compensated for in the event of a truck accident. When you think about the amount of destruction that a truck can cause, the damages in a truck accident case could be considerable. The damages in a personal injury case are divided into two categories, special damages and general damages.

Special damages are the monetary expenses caused by the accident, such as medical bills and repair bills. General damages are the non-economic losses experienced by the accident victim. These include things like pain and suffering caused by the accident, as well as emotional and psychological conditions like depression or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Since general damages do not have a fixed monetary value like special damages, lawyers and insurance companies use a multiplier to calculate them. They will multiply the special damages by a certain amount in order to find out the cost of the general damages.

Negotiating With The Trucking Company

Once evidence proving the truck driver’s liability has been gathered and the damages caused by the accident have been calculated, it is time to start negotiating with the trucking company. Your attorney will send a demand letter to the trucking company, which includes the settlement amount you need. The company will accept the offer, request that the settlement be renegotiated, or reject the offer completely. If they accept the offer and agree to pay, or if they renegotiate a reasonable settlement amount, then the case ends here.

However, if they make an offer that is too low, or reject the offer, then you will have to file a lawsuit against the trucking company. This is an uncommon outcome since most truck accident cases are resolved out of court.

Hire an Attorney After a Trucking Accident

Hiring an attorney is one of the first things to do after a truck accident. If you were involved in a truck accident, then that means you will have to deal with the trucking industry and its unfamiliar rules and regulations, as well as the trucking company and its army of attorneys. And when it’s caused by drunkenness, then you definitely need to consult a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer. That is why you need a truck accident lawyer to help you. They can navigate the esoteric rules of the trucking industry and they are ready and willing to take on the trucking company involved in the accident. So be sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible after being in a truck accident if you want the best chance of getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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