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Most people ask the question “what city should I live in” to get work-study scholarships. So, are you considering California for your study destination? How will you plan a long-distance move to the state? Heres a list on What City to live in to Get A Work Study Scholarship.

California has one of the biggest state-funded education systems in the world, almost equivalent to the Ivy League Colleges. This state is known for its diverse culture, and multiple cities spread over the coastline, each with its own uniqueness and opportunities to offer.

Keep reading more about why you should pursue your scholarship in California.

What City to I live in to Get A Work Study Scholarship

Ivy League Colleges

The University of California structure contains 10 different campuses and has been labeled as the best Public Ivy School. It offers great quality education and scholarships without the label of Harvard, allowing more potential students to work and study in California.

The University of California Berkeley particularly is world famous for its scholarship programs. Surprisingly, more than 40 percent of the students belong to low-income families. So even if money is a hurdle for you, California is your best choice to study.

International Community Groups

Because of its cultural legacy and history, California is one of the most diverse states in America. More than 43 percent of California natives talk a different language other than English at their homes. Additionally, San Francisco is home to the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia, which makes work and study both a cultural experience.

As for international students’ scholarships, Berkeley also accommodates more than 2000 Chinese students, with South Korea and India following behind.

California Has The Best Tourist Spots

If stunning sights like Death Valley, National Park, Sequoia National Park, the Mojave Desert, and the Golden Gate Bridge are on your wish list then California is the best place to spend your next 4 years studying and sightseeing. If you love admiring the redwoods, hiking through the bushes, or spending spring break just across the coast at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, there will be many opportunities for you to explore the beauty of California while continuing your studies.

If you’re also working alongside studies, you can enjoy breathtaking views from your campus. For instance, University of California, Santa Barbara is located on its own lagoon.

Road Trip Experience

There’s only one cheap and easy way to visit all historical and beautiful sights as a student and that is the road trip. Road trips are famous in the United States. They cost less and are less demanding. In proximity to well-known routes, like the route 66 and Big Sur (a highly populated area of the Central California coastline). It is a great place to visit with your friends during spring break or Christmas break.

Multiple Opportunities

Whether you’re majoring in arts, history, finance, music, film or drama, California is an ideal location for international students to discover their interest. The private art school CalArts, founded by Walt Disney, alongside many artistic places like San Francisco, Hollywood, Orange County, the state has numerous opportunities for young students to explore their talents and even pursue them as a career.

In case, you’re not a creator and consider yourself a spectator, then this state also has theatres, music, a popular film festival and a variety of museums for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Tech Giants

Once you’re in the world famous Silicon Valley, you’ll understand why California is the answer to the million-dollar question – what city should I live in? Home of the Giants of the technology – the biggest tech names of this era are located in this state. These include Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Adobe and Netflix. It is also home to a dozen startup companies.

It’s true that Ivy League graduates enjoy great exposure in Silicon Valley but one college that will most likely help you land a successful job at Silicon Valley is the San Jose University, a lot cheaper, diverse and sunnier than the other east coast universities.

Green Projects

If you want to pursue your career in sustainable energy or ecological science, then California is the best place for you to start your educational journey. California belongs to some of the largest solar plants in the world, and if the government further supports this trend will further continue to become stronger.

The state has prosperous plans to develop 50 percent of its energy through sustainable sources by 2030.

In case, you don’t know, UC Berkeley is ranked number 1 in the world for its natural science programs.


For aspiring students seeking to pursue a career in sports or avail sports scholarship then you’re in the right direction if California is a top priority on your What City Should I Live In checklist.

Most of the universities in California are ranked A 1 colleges and receive sports funding. So now is the best time to get customized moving quotes and plan a stress-move to California.

America’s oldest football game, Rose Bowl is also hosted by California in the city of Pasadena. However, if you want to become a professional at sports, then some huge franchises can also be found here. Some of these are NFL, NBA, and other major leagues. So if you like to watch or play sports, California is the perfect destination for you to live your dream.

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