homes for sale Bismarck NDThe city of Bismarck has officially welcomed the New Year with a bang, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees below Fahrenheit on the first night of 2020. It might not seem that cold, but for those who live in areas of North Dakota where the wind chill is a factor, it can feel a lot colder. Despite the cold, the people of Bismarck did not shirk from the cold weather; rather, they embraced winter and wore warm clothing for the occasion.

As the first major city on the northern plains, Bismarck has a cosmopolitan population, with many people drawn to the city for its excellent schools, safe streets, and pleasant climate. As North Dakota is the eighth-largest state in the country (larger than Texas and Florida combined), there is an abundance of job opportunities here for those wishing to relocate.

Additionally, the unemployment rate of 4.9% is relatively low compared to the national average. Those looking for work may find it acceptable to relocate to join one of the largest state governments or one of its largest cities. So if you are looking for a place to live there browse for homes for sale Bismarck ND.

A Winter Wonderland

In early January, tourists begin to discover the charms of this charming city, with its shops, galleries, and movie theaters opening their doors for the season. Many visitors travel from as far away as Europe and Japan to participate in this winter festival, helping to create a winter wonderland atmosphere in the city. Known as the Bismarck Winter Carnival, the festival draws people with its snow sculptures, spectacular ice-skating, and night with a glowing orange sky thanks to the use of artificial light in the winter. This year’s theme is “Discover Your Senses” and highlights the sensory delights of an arctic winter in the city. Bismarck is truly a winter wonderland.


Those looking for a way to stay warm during cold weather may attend one of the many athletic events held in the city throughout the year. The North Dakota State Bison and Tri-City Bombers are some of the major sports teams that call Bismarck home. These sporting teams have a loyal following amongst the residents, who are known to wear the teams’ apparel and follow the games’ outcomes closely. Besides the State and City teams, the Bulldogs from the University of North Dakota also call Bismarck home. The University of North Dakota, with its football team, the Fighting Sioux, is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. The University of North Dakota is also home to the National High School Basketball Championship every year, which pits the top teams in the nation against one another.

Frozen Tasty Drinks

Did someone mention ice cream? The North Dakota Department of Health reports that over 60% of Bismarck’s diets consist of frozen foods, with the likes of ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats commonplace. The reason for this is that the air temperature in Bismarck during winter months stays close to the ground and can fluctuate widely, so keeping food frozen is the best way to enjoy it regardless of the temperature. Popular treats such as ice cream are often available year-round in Bismarck but are mainly sold in the summer.

In the winter, residents rely on a wide range of flavored ice teas and malts to keep them hydrated while still enjoying their favorite frozen foods. It would be no exaggeration to say that summer in Bismarck is a distant memory when temperatures remain below freezing for several months. It gets so cold that the freights (the large metal trays that trucks use to transport goods) coming into the city have to be jockeyed (in a word, pushed and pulled) to get them into the overhead bins at the airport.

The People

In North Dakota, the people are friendly and welcoming. The state is home to retired teachers, farmers, and businesspeople. There is a huge presence of native Americans in the state, with many reservations located around Bismarck. The unemployment rate in North Dakota is 4.8%, which is relatively low. In 2016, North Dakota was the second-least-populous state in the Union. While the population has declined since the 1970s, it has not declined as rapidly as other states. This trend may be due to North Dakota’s warm climate and dry soil. Because of its small population size, North Dakota does not suffer from many of the social problems associated with a larger city. These include, but are not limited to, crime, pollution, and congestion.

As demand for housing increases, rural areas like Bismarck will become more attractive. There is currently construction in the works for more than 2,400 new homes in the city. This is a tremendous opportunity for young families who may be moving to the area from smaller cities or the country. The population of Bismarck is increasingly diverse, with many international students hailing from around the world.

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