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NYC is not a city – it’s a lifestyle which people from all over the world aspire to experience.

Okay, so should you move to NYC? Well, contrary to how it is often life in NYC is portrayed – fast-paced and hectic – NYC is a city where dreams come true; a place you can call ‘home.’ In short, there’s no other city like NYC if you know what living here really means.

Just like any other city, NYC has its pros and cons when it comes to settling down, but if you focus on the big picture, there’s much more the place has to offer than just entertainment and beauty. If NYC is what you want as your new home, here’s everything you need to know about NYC to make the moving decision easier.

The 5 Boroughs

NYC might be the first place on your mind when you seek answers to the burning question – What US City should I live in?

Five boroughs make up NYC what it is. These include Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. Every borough within the city has unique features to offer. And regardless of which one you pick, every place has the ultimate NYC essence that you cannot miss.

Every borough includes features that make it a desirable place to live it. With a rich cultural history, lovely scenic views, shops, restaurants, bars, and chic boutiques for an excellent shopping area, you have everything within your reach if you move to NYC.

These bring a variety to your option as every place has its own unique feel. Pick a place that offers you more than other boroughs.


From Queens to the Bronx, you will be surprised by the culinary variety you can try. A lifetime is not enough to experience every type of food you can find in NYC. Even if you plan to never leave Manhattan, finding the best place to grab your lunch or dinner can be a daunting task – thanks to the ‘too many options’!

Pizza is a great food choice in NYC, but keeping in mind that the city is a melting pot of different backgrounds and ethnicities, you can find authentic food from all around the world. Besides the NYC staples, every neighborhood will have its own famous eateries you can try out.


What’s NYC famous for? Well, of course, the skyline!

The New York City has the most mesmerizing skyline in the world, and regardless of how much time you spend living here, there’s always something that will enthrall you. It’s hard to get over the beauty of the city and the scenic views that perfectly blends different cultures, people, and architecture.

If you can’t decide about What US city should I live in, take a touristy view of NYC from the Empire State Building from above, and you will know what you could miss. You can even cruise around Manhattan to see the area from every angle.

Visit different boroughs for the view, and you will witness all the hidden gems of NYC. You can also contact a local mover to know how much your move will cost.


While there are tons of entertainment options around NYC, it’s particularly a music-lover haven. No matter your favorite band or singer, you can find a music scene within the city almost every other day.

Do you like live jazz music? Have a thing for country tunes? Do you want to tap those feet to a rock ‘n’ roll? Here, you will find it all. NYC is home to Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Met Opera. Entertainment and live music is kind of thing in this city.

Career Opportunities

Remember us mentioning that NYC is where dreams come true? It’s called that for a reason!

From Fortune 500 to startups, there’s a place for all. And regardless of your career aspirations, you can find opportunities to accomplish your goals and dreams. NYC is a multicultural hub, where you have time to meet many people who could offer you plenty of opportunities to network and grow.

All you need to know is where to look!


From 5th Avenue in the uptown to downtown in SOHO, NYC never gets out of shopping experiences for you. Whether you are looking for high-end brands or trying to work with a small budget, you can find everything in this city.

NYC is known for setting the trends, but if you are more comfortable in rocking your own unique style, you are always welcome!


You name it, you have it!

NYC is another name for convenience, and you literally have access to EVERYTHING!

Grocery stores, eateries, cafes, banks, post office, nail salon, gym, restaurants – right outside your door. Regardless of the fast-paced life, this city virtually makes every other place look inconvenient.

The subway system gives you the convenience of commuting and will make you wonder why people even own a car here. And if you live close to a subway station, you can travel to different boroughs and across the towns in just minutes.

So, Is NYC the Best Deal?

If fun and exciting is the lifestyle you are looking forward to, indeed, moving to NYC is the best decision you can make in your life. However, it is important to take the cost factor of living in New York City into account to make a more informed decision regarding What US City should I live in. But if you spend wisely and do your research, you can be the lucky one to settle in a city that never sleeps!

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