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In the pursuit of improved career prospects, housing affordability and an enhanced overall quality of life, a growing number of Americans are making the bold decision to pack their bags and move to a different state. In fact, U.S. domestic migration has reached an all-time high, with a record 8.2 million Americans moving across state lines in 2022

Given the significant influence of relocation on the self storage sector, a study conducted by StorageCafe pinpointed the preferred destinations for migration.

Read on to discover the top five U.S. states where Americans chose to relocate.

1. Florida claims the title of the nation’s top relocation hot spot 

Increasingly, Americans are opting to call Florida home, whether it’s because of the perpetual sunshine, retirement communities, tax advantages, opportunities in the technology sector, or the allure of sandy beaches. The numbers speak for themselves: The Sunshine State had an impressive net gain of 240,000 people in 2022.

The housing market also acts as a strong attraction, especially for newcomers moving to Florida from states like New York, California and New Jersey. Florida homes, in fact, are 18% more affordable than those in New Jersey and 13% more budget-friendly than those in New York. 

For Californians, moving to Florida offers the best value for their money, effectively reducing their housing expenses by half. Given these attractive conditions, it’s not surprising that more than half of Californians who move to Florida manage to become homeowners within their first year in the state.

2. Texas secures the second spot in national net migration, welcoming 172K new residents

Texas beckons with its thriving job market, no state income tax and lower cost of living, making it a magnetic destination for those seeking a new chapter in the Lone Star State. Large numbers of youngsters, with an average age of 31, moving to Texas are predominantly arriving from California (100K individuals), Florida (43K) and New York (32K).

The significant increase in Californians relocating to Texas is not a new trend, but it has recently surged to its highest levels. This surge is mainly driven by the considerably more affordable housing market in Texas, which could mean potential savings of around $440,000 in home purchasing costs.

It’s safe to say that people leaving New York are in search of improved opportunities for remote work. Among these individuals are those with advanced degrees who are attracted to Texas because it has no state income tax and more favorable homeownership prospects.

3. North Carolina ranks third with an influx of nearly 79K residents

North Carolina has emerged as a magnet for individuals in pursuit of diverse job prospects, an enviable quality of life and affordable living. Its allure lies in a thriving job market, access to natural landscapes and a welcoming community. 

The state has become an increasingly popular choice for newcomers coming from Virginia, Florida and South Carolina. 

In 2022, North Carolina greeted 79,000 new residents, with 38% holding advanced degrees and enjoying above-average incomes. An impressive 40% of these individuals achieved homeownership within their first year, benefiting from substantially lower median home values in North Carolina compared to both the national average and the prices in their respective home states.

4. Arizona is welcoming new residents looking for a change of scenery and a friendlier housing market

In 2022, Arizona solidified its position as a prominent destination for relocation in the United States, with more than 77,000 new residents making it their home. This population surge can be attributed to a combination of factors, including a strong economy, its close proximity to California, a thriving housing market and the appeal of its favorable climate.

Notably, California stands out as the primary source of newcomers, with nearly 75,000 individuals making the move to Arizona in 2022. It’s not limited to individuals alone; California corporations have also expanded their operations into Arizona in recent years, offering promising job opportunities and further luring newcomers to the state. Furthermore, Arizona’s housing prices are 44% more affordable when compared to California, making it an attractive choice for those seeking more cost-effective living options.

Washington plays a significant role in contributing to Arizona’s new residents, with over 20,000 arrivals from that state in 2022, followed closely by Texas, Colorado and Oregon.

5. Georgia is attracting thousands, especially in urban centers like Atlanta

Rounding out the top five hot spots for U.S. relocation is Georgia, which witnessed over 74,000 new arrivals in 2022, mainly from Florida, Texas, North Carolina and California.

It’s no surprise that it’s among the leading states for domestic migration, as Georgia has a business-friendly environment that fosters growth and entrepreneurship in diverse industries.

People relocating from Texas tend to earn more here, so they might be enticed to move here driven by career opportunities, while Californians benefit from a real estate market that is roughly 60% less expensive than their home state.

How self storage is supporting relocation

Self storage becomes essential during a relocation, as it offers a secure and flexible solution for temporarily storing belongings while settling in a new home. Whether you’re downsizing, waiting for your new place to be ready or need extra space during the transition, self storage provides a convenient option to declutter your current living space and keep your possessions safe until you’re ready to retrieve them.

In all the nation’s top five states for net migration, the self storage sector is keeping pace with the influx of new residents, with inventories that exceed the national average of seven square feet per capita. This ample supply is well equipped to meet the additional storage requirements of newcomers.

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