If you own or manage a business that requires international shipping, you may have wondered if ocean freight might be better than using an air courier. There are actually many advantages to transporting your products by sea. It is more convenient, environmentally sound, and much more cost-effective.

The Convenience

At first blush, it may seem as though shipping something by plane is more convenient than doing it by boat; after all, it is faster. However, have you considered how long it takes to document the product you have coming in?  Complete-accurate-timely documentation (CAT) must be completed by shipping companies when transporting products. An ocean freight shipper will have plenty of time to complete their paperwork while your product is in transit. An air carrier may take a long time to document your delivery and that may defeat the purpose of using them.

Air carriers are restricted in what they may transport. Steel and grain products are generally too heavy to be carried on a plane. If you have a product that is heavy or cumbersome, you may not have a choice but to put it on a boat. If you have a large volume of products, you will find that it is around 4 times less expensive to ship your product on ocean freight.

If you deal with very small shipments for a product such as a specialty food or beauty product, you may not need a whole container for yourself. You may think your need for international shipping is too small for ocean freight.  However, most ocean freight carriers can arrange for you to share a container with another company if need be. Ocean freight shipping is so much cheaper than air shipping that it is worth contacting an ocean freight company or two to see if sharing a container would work for you.

It is More Environmentally Sound

There are few means of transportation that are more environmentally destructive than an airplane. Retail sales have increased quite a bit in the last 20 years and there are many more flights carrying products. Every round trip from one coast to another causes 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions that a person would generate by driving their car for an entire year.

Air freights produce about 47 times the amount of emissions as carrying products on the water. If you are not particularly concerned with the environment and you only care about the bottom line, you may want to consider the tax breaks you can get for going green.

Having an environmentally sound product can definitely help to advertise it. Conscientious shoppers love to buy products that they feel will have less of an impact on the environment.

The Cost

Shipping your product by boat is 4 to 5 times less expensive than using an air courier. Air shipping companies use “chargeable weight” to determine the cost of shipping. Chargeable weight is volumetric weight or gross weight whichever is greater. Ocean freight goes by container size. If you do not have enough product to fill a container, you will be charged by the volume of what you are transporting.

With a little advance planning, you can keep your business running well with low overhead. For more information visit: Dedola Global Logistics.

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