Moving and Decluttering

We can all agree that moving can be a physically and emotionally draining process. However, if you can take the time out before moving to perform decluttering it will make your life a lot easier in several ways. If you do the decluttering beforehand it means, you will have fewer things you will have to pack, transport, and unload. Keep in mind that moving means a lot of work. However, if you have gotten rid of all the clutter initially, you will save some time and energy as you will not be moving things that you do not need, love, or use anymore. Apart from that, decluttering before a move will also save a lot of money as you will need fewer boxes and fewer packing supplies. Here are some tips to declutter your house before a move.


1. Begin the decluttering as early as you can: One of the better ways of decluttering effectively before a move is by starting up the process as early as possible. The more time you allow yourself to think more effective the decluttering will be. When you leave the decluttering till close to the moving date, you may feel a bit rushed and stressed to get it done properly. This may mean that you will not have sufficient time or capability to make some thoughtful decluttering decisions. Sort through the belongings carefully and then make some solid decisions about what you wish to bring to the new home. This clean house also makes it easier to sell the property. 

2. Have a good decluttering plan in place: A lot of people underestimate the time that is lost in decluttering. Normally there is a lot of stuff you have to sort through. Most people can sort through so much at a given time, as they are likely to get tired and will stop making good decluttering decisions. This is where having a good decluttering plan will be helpful. It helps assess your needs and can also allow you to decide the time you need for getting it right. Having a good decluttering plan will allow you to avoid some usual stumbling blocks such as what to do with the things you will remove.

3. Consider the changes you will face with the new home: Because you are decluttering before a move, it is significant to consider your new requirements and have room for them in the new house. For instance, your current house may have more bedrooms than the new one. In this case, you will have to get rid of some bedroom furniture. If you’re relocating to Switzerland for instance, you can also discuss your move with moving companies in Zurich such as Blitz Transport or as they can make your move easier. Professional movers can help you organize your space so you avoid clutter during the process.

4. Declutter by categories and not rooms: While decluttering the home before a move rather than decluttering by rooms, consider decluttering by category. Collect all the items in one place regardless of the rooms where they were in place and declutter them all with one go. Keep in mind that the new house will not be arranged exactly similarly to the older one. There will be some changes to how and when you will maintain certain things. So, it will always be a good idea to declutter by category rather than by rooms before moving.

5. Consider the item weight as you pack: While you are decluttering before a move take into consideration the real weight of the items you will be bringing with you. In case you are moving by yourself, it will be tough to handle the heavy stuff. You will have to put more effort into moving in and out of the homes and more effort will be needed. And in case you are getting professional movers the less weight you are carrying, the more cost-effective your move is likely to be. Moving is a perfect time to consider decluttering things especially heavy ones that are not usually used, loved, or needed.


These tips will help make the process of decluttering before a move, a bit easier. If you can declutter beforehand, you will be in a position to take along things that you need and love with you. This also means that you will have a clutter-free house when you arrive at the new house.

We hope you found this blog post on Worried About Moving and Decluttering? Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Out of It useful. Be sure to check out our post on 4 Decluttering Tips Before Moving to Your New Home for more great tips!

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