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Winter has arrived and this is the time when we think about making our living space warm. A warm space to stay during winter gives the most comfort that you will ever have. We put a lot of effort into keeping our home warm. If you listed the places in your home where you spend the most time then the bedroom would top the list. Even if you neglect to keep most rooms of your home warm, you cannot forget the bedroom. Honestly, maintaining a warm bedroom might cost you something, but with some simple steps, you can save a lot of money.  Homedesignnow offers some cost-effective and simple ways to warm your bedroom this winter season:

Make Your Curtains Not Block Sunlight

Winter is a in the year when the sun shines bright but the temperature still falls. This is the time when you should let the sun’s rays come in to keep your space warmer. Open the curtains in the daytime so that sunlight can enter your bedroom. This will help keep your bedroom warmer throughout the day. You should do this every day during winter for the best results.

Use Aluminum Foil On Your Windows

Now we know we should let the heat enter in the daytime. But soon after sunset, the collected heat starts to disappear. This leaves the bedroom cold again, so we have to prevent the heat from seeping out. This might sound tricky but some aluminum foil will help warm your bedroom. You just have to attach the foil at the window edges and this would keep the heat in your bedroom.

Blow Drying the Bed Sheets

Blow drying the bed sheets is one of the most cost-effective ways to warm your bedroom or at least make your bed warm. This can be done every day before you get into bed. You can go to sleep right after this step to have a warm night.

Keep the Radiator In Front Of Your Favorite Space In The Bedroom

The bedroom usually contains just the bed and maybe one chair or sofa where you relax most of the time. Keep these things near to the radiator so that you could enjoy warmth while you relax in your bedroom. This could not even cost you anything extra.

Insulate Your Room As Much As Possible

Even after you do all this to warm your bedroom, the warmth will escape anyway. Here you have to do some tricks to keep the heat inside the room. Insulating the room will help. You can attach a thin, firm plastic sheet at the door and window so that heat could stay in.

Put a Rug In Your Bedroom

A cold floor can be a bummer during winter that you might want to avoid. The most effective thing would be to place a rug on the floor. This will not only prevent the heat from escaping through the floor but will also keep the room warm.

A Fleece Wrap Would Be Amazing For Your Bedroom

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The best way to keep yourself warm in your bedroom is to wrap something warm around you. You can go for fleece blankets in this case as fleece is one of the warmest materials one can have. You can wrap that around you whenever you feel cold.

Use Bright Lights

This might sound silly but if you install bright lights in your room then that will keep your room warmer. This would not cost you a lot but this small trick works like magic so you can enjoy warmth at night time.

Use an Air Purifier

This is yet another amazing way to keep your bedroom warmer throughout the time. The best thing about this is that it will also keep you healthy by eliminating polluted air from your space. Fresh air is always warm and comfortable.

Put Plants In Your Room For a Higher Oxygen Level In the Room

Studies suggest that higher oxygen levels make a space fresh and warm. So you can try adding some plants in your bedroom. This would not cost you much, but will help to keep your bedroom warm and comfortable.

We hope you found this blog post 10 Budget-Friendly Tips To Warm Your Bedroom This Winter useful. Be sure to check out our post How Energy Efficient Windows Create a Thermal Envelope in Your Home for more great tips!


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