Self-Storage Units

Security and safety are the most attractive premises of a storage unit facility. Suppose you’re operating and managing a storage facility, or perhaps you’re thinking of storing your belongings in self-storage and want to be aware of the latest technology that’s safeguarding your stuff. Either way, you need to stay on top of the latest security trends to ensure your security strategy is evolving in line with the current threat climate.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to improve on-site security for your self-storage units. This guide will cover the latest tools and technologies that create agile and proactive protection.

Modern And Sophisticated Access Control

When securing your facility, you must prioritize agility for your security personnel and convenience for those renting storage units. 

Modern access control systems allow you to upgrade and futureproof your self-storage unit security. Cloud-based access control has open API integrations that enable you to continuously alter, upgrade, and adjust the function of your access control system – ensuring that it won’t become outdated technology any time soon.

Cloud-based access control also facilitates the adoption of mobile access credentials – digital keycards stored on users’ mobile devices. Mobile access credentials are a sophisticated form of access control that presents the following benefits for your storage facility security strategy:

  • Eliminating keycards and fobs when you operate building security using keycard and fob systems, you must be prepared to cover the cost of keycard and fob replacement. In storage facilities, those renting out storage space often lose their keycards, which will incur high charges for your business. By switching to mobile access credentials, you can eliminate these costs.
  • Improving hygiene when your building users use mobile access credentials to enter the building, they don’t need to touch anything. They can simply wave their hand over the access control reader, triggering remote communication with their mobile devices, allowing for more hygienic entry. They won’t even need to remove their mobile devices from their pockets.
  • Improving management your mobile access control system will enhance management at your facility by enabling the remote operation of door locks. Your security staff can quickly check the status of door locks in the facility and lock doors immediately using their mobile devices. Increasing visibility and remote management capabilities will lead to a more fast-acting and agile security strategy at your facility.

Streamlined Surveillance Systems

Like access control, cloud-based security camera technologies dominate the security sphere. Consider the benefits of cloud-based surveillance systems to make the most out of your security investments and provide user-friendly security management.

Below are some of the main advantages you can gain by implementing a cloud security camera system in your storage unit facility:

  • Remote visibility – when you opt for an on-premise security system, your security staff must remain in the security control room to view the security camera feed. However, with a cloud-based surveillance system, they can easily view security feeds using their mobile devices to investigate potential security threats.
  • Open API integrations – cloud-based surveillance systems allow you to implement software integrations. Software tools can improve the function of your security camera system, making it more helpful in preventing incidents rather than simply documenting them. You can apply plate recognition tools to ensure only authorized vehicles can access your property and video analytics tools to alert your team when an anomaly occurs in your security.

Integrated Access Control And Video Security

One of the principal vulnerabilities in any security strategy is the potential for an unauthorized user to steal a key, mobile, or keycard and use it to enter the building without authorization. To prevent this threat from evolving, you can implement biometrics in your security strategy – specifically, identity verification via facial recognition.

You must integrate your cloud-based access control and video security systems to make this identification possible. This way, you will not need to correlate data from different sources using timestamps to verify identity – instead, all of the information will be readily accessible on a single platform. 

Consider applying facial recognition software to your system to automate identity verification. With facial recognition software, you can ensure that only identity-verified individuals can enter the premises – eliminating the possibility of unauthorized entry.

Cloud-Based Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are essential in any health and safety or security strategy. You should implement alarm and sensor systems to ensure your facility will be safe in an emergency and to detect possible intrusions.

Opting for cloud-based alarm systems will enable your security team to receive notification of an alarm trigger from anywhere. And, if you already employ other cloud-based security tools, they can quickly investigate the incident by viewing security camera footage and access control logs.

The best alarm systems to consider include glassbreak, motion, and gunshot detection sensors. You should incorporate fire and carbon monoxide systems into your strategy to ensure health and safety regulations compliance.


If you’re looking to improve and enhance your storage facility security strategy – cloud-based security technologies are the perfect solution. Using an on-premise system will present no remote management capabilities, preventing you from establishing a responsive security strategy. Consider implementing the above technologies to adapt an advanced and proactive security process. Keep reading to learn the best ways to improve on-site security for your self-storage units.

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