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Statistics show homes are more likely to be broken into in the first year after moving in than any other year.

Setting up safety measures immediately after moving into your new home is the vital response to these statistics.

How do you improve home security after a move? Why change the locks after moving in? Why set up a security system in your new place? Is it essential to install outdoor lighting?

This article discusses how to improve your home security after a move. It talks about why you should change the locks, set up a security system, and secure doors and windows. It also explains why it would be best to install outdoor lighting, check on hiding places, and clean the exhaust system.

Monitoring devices help you become aware of what is happening around your house. If you are looking for a smart security camera, check out Meraki Security Camera.

Change the Locks

You may not be the first resident to move into your new home, so you must change the locks as soon as possible.

Changing the locks is essential not only in the front door but every lock should be changed as well, including the garage doors, windows, and patio door.

Today, superior electronic door locks can give every member of the house access to get inside with their unique entry code. Electronic locks can assure you of maximum security.

An important tip is not to leave any spare key on your property, including the mailbox, the doormat, and other common areas. You can give it to a neighbor you trust. If you do not have someone you can rely on, you can leave a spare key in a hidden and secret spot that only you and your family members know.

If you want to take your home security to another level, you may want to test your door locks and see if they can be easily picked. This will give you a good idea of how effective your current locking system is. To do this, take a look at some of the essential locksmith tools to aid you. You can then decide whether you need an upgrade or totally change the whole locking system in your home.

Set Up a Security System

Setting up a security system is essential when moving into a new home. The security system can immediately warn you and emergency authorities once an attempt of break-in happens.

The part where it alerts you is an important thing. Still, the fact that the suspect is alerted that you know something is wrong can stop and prevent them from entering your property.

It will be best to put an extra level of security in the interior and exterior of your house. Installing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in and outside your home can provide you with another layer of security.

To supervise security around your home, you can install sensors on the window and doors. The sensors provide home security monitoring using a phone or laptop. These detectors can alert you when someone attempts to trespass on your property and even let you know when damage to your property occurs.

Place a warning sign on your door or property that says a home security system is installed. These warning signs may scare trespassers off and prevent them from entering your house.

It is best not to provide too much information, like the technology used in your security system, because the information might give the intruders knowledge on how to deal with them.

To ensure that burglars will not tamper with or destroy your home security system, hide the wirings of the system.

Secure Doors and Windows

All possible entry points should be taken into account when installing locks.

Your exterior locks should have quality locks because they are your first access to your home. Install deadlock bolts on the exterior doors and windows.

If you have sliding doors and windows, install metal bars into them. You can also secure your windows with conventional locks and covers.

Do not forget that hinge pins placed outside can be easily removed and give access to your home. Place door hinges on the interior side.

You can use sheet metal or plywood to strengthen your doors.

If you have glass doors or doors with glass panels near the doorknob, this can be a liability or vulnerable to force entry.

Know that pet doors can be intrusion points for burglars that should be secured. You can put electronic locks that need an RFID to unlock and place the chip on your pet’s collar so they are the only ones who can have access.

Install Outdoor Lighting

If you want a first-hand way that helps intruders not to attempt to go near your house, you can set up lighting outside your house.

There are high-quality motion sensor infrared detectors and floodlights that automatically switch on when the presence of someone is in a specific area. Such home security tools may scare or prevent intruders.

Check on Hiding Places

To check on hiding places, make sure to keep the outside surroundings of your house neat and in good condition.

Some tools may be lying outside your house. So do not forget to lock them in because burglars can use them to access your home. There are types of equipment outside your house that intruders may use to break your locks or ladders to climb to your windows.

If you have thick and tall bushes around your house and near your windows and doors, do not forget to trim them because they may be a hiding spot for burglars.

Clean Exhaust System

When moving into a new house, intruders and burglars are not the only reason for security measures. You may also need to prevent home accidents. One of the common home accidents is fire.

A cause that may start a fire in your house is an uncleaned exhaust system.

Make sure everything is polished, even the exhaust system when you move into a new house. If your exhaust system has not been checked and cleaned, it is best to clean it for safety measures.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Improve Home Security After a Move useful. Be sure to check out our post on 5 Tips for Moving Into a New House for more great tips!

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