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Living in a place full of blue skies, national parks, and tall mountains is everyone’s dream. And to make that dream come true, you can consider moving to Nevada, the 32nd most extensive state in the western part of the United States.

Relax by Lake Tahoe during the summer; enjoy the light of Reno, feel the charisma of Carson City and take part in the adventure of Las Vegas – Nevada has everything on its platter. However, moving here comes with some cons too.

Without further ado, let’s dig deep into five pros and five cons of moving to Nevada.

Pros of Moving to Nevada

1.   Amount Of Tax Is Less Than Other States

Nevada earns a lot of revenue due to its flourishing tourism sector, national parks, different entertainment sectors, and also casinos. Thus, the state itself fulfills the citizens’ various needs and other infrastructural and social requirements, making the residents pay less tax. The current rate of sales tax here is 4.6%.

2.   Housing and Living Cost Is Lower

This US state offers you housing at a lower rate than other states, even if you choose Las Vegas to settle, which is considered the costliest in Nevada. Here, you might have to pay between 200000$ and 256300$ for purchasing a median home.

Do you want to rent a house? Then you have to put up about 1200$ every month. Moreover, all other utilities come at a cheaper rate helping you save quite a lot. If you have always dreamt of living king size within your budget, pack your bags and move.

3.   Nevada Has Legalized Smoking Cannabis

Yes, you read it right! For the last two years, smoking cannabis has been legal there. If you are an adult over 21, you can have 1 oz. of medical marijuana without any problem. Thus, you can easily buy CBD pills to ease anxiety from any of the shops there. But using pot openly is not allowed so far. An adult can use pot personally only if he or she has a legitimate medical marijuana card.

4.   Ample Job Opportunities

Previously, most of the people in Las Vegas worked in hotels, bars, or casinos. But now, multiple sectors, mainly education, mining, and construction industries, are expanding, creating a huge demand for suitable people.

In 2017, the growth rate of employment was 3.3%, which is the highest in the whole United States, as reported by the US Labor Department. The transportation industry, different businesses, and also healthcare sectors employed the majority of the people. Reno, 3rd largest city of Nevada, is opening five startups, which will offer roughly 130 new job opportunities for the residents there.

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5.   Beautiful Landscape and Lots of Activities

Due to its high desert location, Nevada has mostly sunny days throughout the year. Moreover, you can go hiking in Washoe County in the Browser mansion County Park. Enjoy excellent scenery in the Great Basin National Park as well. Why not visit the National Atomic Testing Museum, the operational mint located in Carson City, the Neon Museum, and other historical museums?

Most of the cities there have casinos, and slot machines and gambling is legal in Nevada. Scrumptious food, shopping centers, and malls, sports events, parties, and concerts – you name a thing, and it is readily available in Nevada.

Cons of Moving to Nevada

1.   Rate of Crime Is Higher

Considering the crime rate is crucial before relocating to Nevada, though the rate varies by area. While the rural area has a lower crime rate, that of the urban area is quite higher. The rate of violent crime is 5.69%, which is higher than the national rate of 4.9%, according to Safewise.

About 28% of property crimes occur every year there. However, some areas in the middle of the desert are free of crime, including Dyer, Wells, Hawthorne, and Spring Creek.

2.   Healthcare Facilities Are Not Up To The Mark

Large cities like Carson City, Las Vegas, and Reno have modern healthcare facilities and health insurance from employers. However, in rural areas, accessing basic healthcare facilities is a challenge.

As per the US Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, Nevada is in the lowest 20%. Though rural physicians are helping out almost 300000 residents of the frontier communities, the round trip journey to see a doctor will take more than 2 hours.

3.   Education System Is Poor

Nevada provides very basic education to its residents; some areas do not even have that. The state got Grade D for its education system. Whether it is school quality, faculties, facilities, achievement or financial condition – in every area, Nevada ranks lower than the rest of the country. Though there are some private schools, they come at a very higher cost.

4.   Extreme Climate

Being in a large desert, Nevada has an unbearable summer and freezing winter. Heat waves and droughts are frequent here. Though the state sees some rainfall during the rainy season, it is less than normal. Thus, this state is arid.

Low humidity makes the temperature rise at an alarming rate, making the weather uncomfortable and causing water scarcity. Nevada is also prone to forest fires. The lakes are drying up, and snow accumulation has also reduced considerably compared to previous years.

5.   Nuclear Testing Is Common Here

Nevada serves as a place for nuclear testing every now and then. Thus, testing nuclear detonations and radioactive explosions are very common. From the last 30 years, this testing has been going on, which hugely affected the air and soil of this state.

Final Thoughts

Now, it is time to decide. Keep in mind that each person has his or her own tales to tell. The above pros and cons are just to give you an idea about the typical experience. So, before you make a final decision, consider all factors so that you do not regret later!

We hope you found this blog post on 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Moving To Nevada useful. Be sure to check out our post on Long Distance Moving Made Simple for more great tips!


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