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Check Out These Storage Drawers Designs and Brands

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase loft bedrooms is saving space. These bedrooms are easily accessible via stairs, but they are all on the same level. It’s a look that combines modern and industrial elements, with loft spaces serving as a common theme. If you are looking for large amounts of closet space, a loft is for you. Loft room is also perfect for those living in the city who don’t want tiny studio apartments.

Loft beds are excellent choices for small rooms. In addition to potential sleeping space, loft beds offer storage, play space, and desk space. Closet storage drawers, small drawers, and any other space-saving furniture are ideal for this type of room. If you’re looking for a closet or storage drawers for your loft bedroom, we’ve compiled a list of brands that create high-quality storage drawers that might pique your interest.


If you are into classic furniture yet trendy, the Granny Says is one of the trusted brands out there. With many different products, this brand aims to blend old-world American life attitudes with new-world style trends. You can have the GRANNY SAYS 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer when there is not enough space in your closet for a dresser. 

Simply hang this clever organizer. It fits any standard rod and has five extra shelves for items ranging from jeans and sweaters to towels and linens. The 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer has unbreakable and long-lasting corrugated boards on each of the shelves, which can be easily removed, cleaned, and placed. 

  • SimpleHouseware

When it comes to home kitchens and home improvements, SimpleHouseware is one of the brands. It can be difficult to find a place to store your shoes, but SimpleHouseware has everything you need for your loft-style bedroom. They have a door-hanging shoe organizer that has 24 compartments and no installation hardware, making it ideal for tenants and college students living on campus. It can store children’s toys or other small accessories. You can put the shoes on perfectly.

  • ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid is the leading manufacturer of closets and storage systems. As the first manufacturer of ventilated wire shelving for closets in new homes, Closetmaid set the standard. One of their best-selling is the SuperSlide ventilated shelf kit. This ventilated shelf kit allows for air circulation and allows clothes to breathe. 


Its super slide shelving allows hangers to slide continuously without interruption. Buy this if you want to upgrade your closet or loft room. All shelving is SCS certified and made of durable, vinyl-coated steel. This shelf kit is simple to put together and ideal for any room. This kit contains the following items, Hang bar support, hang bar, wire shelf, and installation hardware.

  • Puroma

Puroma markets all of its products worldwide, and that’s why you can trust Puroma for a sturdy storage organizer. As a result of Puroma’s unwavering efforts, the company continuously receives positive feedback from customers. They are famous for their cube storage organizer, just like the Puroma 6-Cube Storage Organizer.

It fits well against the back wall and can be customized to match your style. It is another way to add a shelving system to your closet. You can also put it together in any way you want to fit in the limited space, and this six cubes closet cabinet comes in a variety of shapes that you can configure however you want. It has a 15-pound weight capacity, and each metal-framed cube is 11.8 inches wide and comes with ABS connectors for quick assembly.


Do you want something handy? Or something that can fit anywhere? MISSLO has anything that can fit anywhere. If you want an organizer for your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and even for your laundry, MISSLO is the one you should count on. They have organizers that are simple to install and will save you space in your loft room. 

You don’t have to be concerned about your long necklace becoming entangled with one another. Their hanging jewelry organizer is the best for it. Simply insert a hanger into it and hang it as part of your closet, door, or wall, and it takes up very little space. It is a two-sided essentials organizer with seven hook loops and a single organizer. Back with 40 pockets, you can see all your jewelry when you are in a hurry, front with 40 pockets totaling 80 pockets in one organizer.


A loft-style bedroom is not for everyone because it is for people who want to save money, space, and expenses. It is difficult to live in a loft-style bedroom if you do not know how to organize your belongings within the space. It will be difficult for you to live with that kind of arrangement. But if you keep your belongings organized, it will be simple. The list above and visiting will assist you in easily organizing your belongings to live comfortably in your loft-style bedroom.

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