Luxury is something we often associate with places out with the home, such as five-star hotels and palaces. As a result, many of us don’t think about incorporating a bit of luxury into our home designs. This is unfortunate because contrary to what you might think, luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It does, however, mean quality.

When it comes to interior design, luxury refers to quality combined with comfort and practicality to create a space that’s tasteful and functional. But how exactly do you bring luxury into the home? One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to incorporate a luxury aesthetic within a space is by using beautiful, high-quality textiles in the soft furnishings. So, what textiles should you use to create a space that feels more luxurious? Here are five fabrics that instantly suggest luxury.

1. Silk

Silk has long been associated with luxury and incorporating it into your home interior can create an air of refined sophistication. The earliest use of silk as a textile dates as far back as Neolithic times and has remained popular ever since. By around 200 BC, silk produced by China was the most desired and lucrative luxury item traded across the continents of Asia and Europe. Such was the demand for silk that the Chinese emperors tried to keep the secrets of its manufacturing process under wraps. However, although ancient in its origins, silk is in no way old-fashioned. The appeal of this natural-fibre textile is still recognised today. There’s just something elegant and timeless about silk that makes it so chic. You can easily incorporate this beautiful luxurious fabric to your home with a silk lampshade, curtains, bed sheets, and pillows.

2. Leather

Timeless and durable, leather is sure to add a touch of class to any home interior. Not only is leather a robust and long-lasting textile, it’s easy to care for and clean. It makes the perfect material for upholstery due to its flexibility and durability. Leather sofas and chairs are an old favourite of many households, mainly because of the material’s robustness and it being easy to wipe clean after any spillages. But not only is this natural textile practical in the home, it’s also sleek and stylish. Add warmth to cold leather couches with a soft woolly throw or fluffy cushions. For a really slick and vintage feel, use it as table lining for a writing desk.

3. Linen

Strong and hard-wearing with an air of sophistication, linen is another natural textile that instantly makes a home feel more luxurious. Linen has a natural beauty that makes it an ideal choice of fabric to complement a range of aesthetic looks. It can look clean and sophisticated against a plain plasterboard wall or give a rustic vibe when complimented with brickwork. Not only that, but linen is moisture resistant and breathable. This makes it harder for moulds and bacteria to grow on it, meaning that it’s practical as well as luxurious. Due to linen’s strong fibres and anti-moisture properties, it works well for curtains, upholstery, bedding, drapes, and most other soft furnishings. 

4. Velvet

When you think of ‘the red carpet’, it’s likely that you imagine a roll of crimson velvet. Velvet has long been associated with royalty and decadence, so it should come as no surprise that this textile will inject a luxury feel into any home. Available in a multitude of different colours, velvet is renowned for its smooth, soft feel. But despite being delicately soft to the touch, velvet is actually extremely durable. It’s also a very versatile fabric that looks just as luxurious whether it be for practical or decorative purposes. Heavyweight velvet is perfect for use in curtains due to it blocking out light and retaining warmth.

5. Wool

There is no fabric more associated with warmth and comfort than wool. Produced from animals such as sheep, goats, camelids, and rabbits, wool has been used by humans to provide warmth since the Bronze Age. But while wool might be the epitome of cosiness, it’s also associated with luxury and good quality. It’s also static-free and anti-moisture, making it an ideal fabric for rugs and soft furnishings. Adding wool to any room is sure to make the space more comforting, whether it be in the form of a beautiful, luxurious rug or a soft throw. For that really homely feeling with a touch of timeless class, invest in something crafted with cashmere wool.


Silk, leather, linen, velvet, and wool all serve to make a home space feel more luxurious. All five of these textiles are hard-wearing and practical, as well as being aesthetically beautiful. Incorporate these fabrics into your home soft furnishings for instant luxury appeal.

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