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Landlords often rent out houses with only the bare necessities. Sure, you will have a fully functional kitchen and a bed to sleep in but you also need to turn this space into a home. In addition to making it comfier, you probably want to add some luxury as well. Luckily for you, there are many things you can do.

However, seeing as how some of these suggestions include doing more than simple redecorating, you should ask your landlord whether they agree with what you want to do before you do it. Anything that you bring in is yours and you get to take it with you once you leave; just remember to keep those things that the rental came with in a safe place.

With all of that in mind, here are some ideas for making your rental more luxurious.

Paint the walls

With your landlord’s permission, you can paint the walls. If they don’t allow colors that are too bold, you can go for subdued options like beige and gray as those will still look luxe. On the other hand, if they give you permission to do what you want, you can create a statement wall in black, navy blue, or dark purple while the rest of them stay neutral.

Opt for wallpaper

In case the landlord doesn’t let you paint the walls, you can opt for wallpaper. The great thing about them is that you can easily take them off before you leave your rental – if you find the right type, of course. Plus, they come in so many different patterns so you can have everything from geometric shapes to flowers on your walls to add a bit of luxury.

Hang curtains

Window with Blinds and Curtain

Rented homes can often feel cold and empty. You should add as many details as you can to make the space homier while also adding a touch of elegance. One of those details is curtains and/or drapes. You can find affordable ones online easily and change the vibe of the space completely. They can be solid-colored or patterned; decide what goes best with the room. If the walls are plain, you can get a colorful curtain to break up the monotony.

Add soft rugs

Soft plush rugs will really make you feel at home. Not only that but they will also add texture to the rooms that will bring in that needed touch of luxury. Put at least one in the living room and you can consider adding one to each side of your bed so that your feet are never cold once you stand up. Moreover, your bathroom can use some luxury as well, so find a soft bathmat to put near the shower or tub.

Place some throw pillows and blankets

Couture Book on Couch

Both the living room and the bedrooms can be enhanced with some throw pillows. If the rooms are in a neutral color palette, these pillows can be that pop of color and texture that you need. What is more, add some knitted blankets that will keep you warm when you want to snuggle up and watch a movie.

Purchase new furniture pieces

No one says that you can’t purchase new furniture if you have somewhere to place it. From a couple of side tables to a massage chair, you can add whatever you want whether it’s for comfort or to act as a centerpiece. Seeing as how you will take it with you wherever you end up next, you can invest in a pricier piece that will make any room more luxurious.

Install open shelves

If you have some interesting décor pieces you want to showcase, such as travel memorabilia or awards, you can install a couple of open shelves. Ask your landlord if you’re allowed to put them up but if you patch up the holes in the wall before you leave, there should be no problem. On the other hand, you can also look for some freestanding bookshelves that don’t require any mounting.

Swap out the light fixtures

As we said, you can take down the things you don’t like, put them away, and replace them with items you do like. For example, you can do that with the light fixtures. If you already own a chandelier that you think would look nice in the dining room, why not install it? If you see a couple of nightstand lamps, why not buy them and use them instead of those that the rental offered? Before you leave, remember to put everything back as it was.

Get new bathroom elements

Besides a new bathmat, you can get other new things for the bathroom. For example, if you don’t like the shower curtain that is currently in the bathroom, get a new one. This is a super inexpensive fix and can change the whole look of the room. Then, you can also look for a new showerhead. If the one installed is too simple, you can replace it with a rainfall model.

Decorate with art

Art on Mantle

Every room can be improved with a bit of art. Whether you are a photographer and want to display your portfolio or you have an artist friend that can paint you a few pieces, you can easily incorporate art into your space. You don’t even have to hang it on the wall – you can put it on a shelf if it’s of the smaller variety or put it on the floor so that it leans on the wall if it’s size is considerable.

Bring in plants

There is no luxury without a few plants. Luckily, the variety of houseplants you can choose from is huge. From getting a yucca plant and putting it in a gold pot to placing a few terrariums with succulents on your tables and shelves, the choice is yours to make. Plus, even if you’re not good with plants, many of them are low-maintenance, such as the aloe vera and the cast iron plant.

From purchasing new items of furniture to displaying your art, these are some solutions on how you can make a rental more luxurious are numerous. All you need is a bit of creativity.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving In: How to Make Your Rental More Luxurious useful. Be sure to check out our post on 8 Elegant Ideas to Decorate Your New Home for more great tips!


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