The hallway is where your guests get their first impression of your home. That is why it should not be drab or neglected. Designing the hallway is sometimes overwhelming, because hallways come in a wide range of sizes. From narrow entryways to wide expanses of space, they are an endless venue for decorating ideas.

Hallways are transitional spaces that connect adjacent rooms. Like other rooms in the house, they evoke feelings that vary from home to home. This makes sense, as we all live in different homes that reflect our lifestyle. Some halls are blessed with natural ambient light, while others lay shrouded in darkness. In order to make your hallway exude an inviting atmosphere, your goal is to make it appear brighter, wider, and more cheerful.

7 Design Ideas for an Impressive Hallway

Here’s how to get yourself acquainted in decorating your hallway to impress your guests – and yourself!

Start with the Right Paint

One of the keys to a stunning hallway is using the right color. The right paint color not only sets your home’s ambiance but also increases its resale value. Lighter tones and shades are ideal for narrow and windowless entryways. You can play around with blush tones and soft ones like beige or powder blue. Then you can add a pop of bright and contrasting color to highlight your doors and elongate the sparse hallway.

If you have a little bit of hallway space, you will have more freedom and color scheme options. Darker tones, warm hues, and bolder colors will make it stand out. Minimalist homes often bask in neutral walls like gray. You can also choose to stay within your home’s color scheme to make it more cohesive and welcoming.

Get Creative with Hallway Storage

hallway decoration ideas

Hallway storage comes in a slew of choices. For most homeowners, they are used for hiding the clutter. But functionality aside, they also make the best statement pieces to offer a focal point of interest in bland corners.

Coat hangers, shoe racks, benches, and unassuming decorative cabinets can carve out a creative spot for welcoming your guests. Pick up unobtrusive hallway storage accessories that either match the décor or stand out. These functional storage items will elongate even narrow foyers.

Bring in Light as Much as You Can

Cultivating a relaxing and hospitable atmosphere begins with the right hallway lighting. Getting the right one can be tricky in narrow and windowless hallways to ward off the claustrophobic feel. Lamps are not always advisable to avoid cramping up a sparse foyer. So pendant lights, wall sconces, or flush mounts are the homeowner’s popular choices.

But like storage, your lighting fixture can also do so much more than just be functional pieces. They can also add contrast to make your hallway more vibrant, warm, and welcoming. To draw attention to your hallway, you can place your lighting strategically on either end of the hall. It creates a dramatic effect without creating that confined feeling.

Hang Some Decorative Pieces

framed pictures hung on a wall

The first things that guests will notice in your home are the pieces you hang on your walls. Your favorite piece of artwork, your family gallery, or some inspirational quotes often add a charming statement to hallways. That’s one conversation-starter to display that visitors never fail to notice.

But remember to keep your decorative pieces to a minimum to avoid giving your hallway a chaotic feel. Large-scale wall artwork will make your foyer appear more pulled together than smaller ones. And yes, even artful modern lightings are excellent options for adding some interest to a drab hallway.

Animate Corners with Plants

Introducing some greenery is a simple yet brilliant idea to enliven any space and give it a cozy feel. Display your succulents on a floating shelf or place them atop your entryway storage. You can also add a chic plant stand to give the entryway more character and a spark of visual interest.

Another bold way of displaying plants to put hanging ones on the wall and let them cascade all over. It can modify even the most streamlined hallways and add an intrinsically pleasing feel. So add style to your hallways with a flair of natural and organic sophistication.

Give it an Illusory Sense of Space

How do you make the tight space in your hallway appear brighter and wider? Give it visual interest by installing mirrors! Mirrors are a sleek and timeless decorative piece that can make virtually any room appear bigger and glamorous.

If you consider Feng Shui beliefs with mirrors, here’s a little tip: put it perpendicular to the door. Do not put it at the end and opposite the door to avoid slowing down the energy. You can also put it opposite the source of light – say the window – if possible, to bring in more sunshine. Mirrors not only expand your place but also impart a positive and uplifting personality to your home.

Lay Down the Carpet

interior hallway with runner rug leading to other rooms

Carpets will enhance your space with a plush sense of style. When put in a hallway, they convey a cohesive look that connects your rooms together. They can also make the home appear more spacious, airy, and sophisticated.

However, carpets are definitely not for everyone, considering how tedious is the cleaning and maintenance that they need. If you don’t want the hassle, rug runners are better alternatives. These floor coverings are also useful for creating an illusion of space in tight foyers. Basically, they are meant to protect the floor in a high traffic area of the house, like hallways. The best thing about carpets is that they are mostly eco-friendly and can be creatively recycled or down-cycled for reuse.


Decorating your hallways will give guests fabulous impressions about your home. These places are often the most overlooked part of the house, maybe the most cluttered in some. Think about those shoes and stuff that litter the floor every time. But if you take time to modify the place and throw in some functional furniture, you can easily solve the problem in a snap. Even something as simple as hanging a hook can make a big difference.

We hope you found this blog post 7 Ideas For Decorating Your Hallway to Impress Your Guests useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Elegant Ideas to Decorate Your New Home for more great tips!


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