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Everyone has their own idea of the perfect home, and these ideas can be vastly different. Searching for the right home can be quite a challenge. Other than the essential factors, such as the location and the price, another important aspect you have to take into account is your lifestyle. After all, your home is a reflection of your personality, and your new place will influence how you’ll spend your time in the future. Here are the options that will help you to narrow down your search for your best home, considering your lifestyle.

Apartment For Maximum Flexibility

Living in an apartment does not require you to make an investment of a lifetime, which is the perfect option if you are not ready to settle down. Renting an apartment is by far the cheapest option for the short term future, and it also comes with maximum flexibility in case you have a change of plans. You don’t have to worry about maintenance either, since your landlord will handle the repairs. However, apartments do come with a number of restrictions that do not fit all lifestyles. First of all, few landlords allow tenants to make modifications to their apartments, so you’ll have to hold back on tailoring the space to your own taste. If you are someone who is out and about most of their time, and perhaps travels a lot, this is probably not a problem for you. Another drawback of apartment living is the lack of storage. Unless you are one of those minimalism enthusiasts, you’ll probably have to find some additional storage unit to keep your belongings.

Single-Family Homes For Space And Privacy

If you have (or are planning) a big family, this option can hardly be beat. Single-family homes usually come with at least a small backyard, which is great for children. Besides the outdoor space, this option is also the one that provides the most storage space, which is going to be a key factor for families. Single-family homes in more suburban settings are also great for those who prefer peace and quiet, and aren’t keen on being near the hustle and bustle of the city. These homes have the added benefit of being more affordable than downtown properties. In addition, no other option can provide the level of privacy and autonomy of a single-family home. You can decorate and modify your home however you want and tailor it to your needs entirely – if you have the funds, that is. The biggest drawback of this option is not only its hefty price but also the hefty upkeep costs. Not only will you have to handle every single repair and renovation, but you’ll also have to invest a considerable amount of time into cleaning, maintenance, and keeping the yard in order. Unless you are sure you can handle it, you can easily become overwhelmed, both physically and financially.

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Consider Condos For a Great In-Between Option

Condo living, or strata schemes as they call it in Canada and Australia, could be the best option for many new families who are just starting their life and are looking for a community as much as a place to live. Purchasing a condominium basically means that you acquire a unit, typically in an apartment complex, and gain ownership of the inside of it, while the rest – the outside, common spaces, facilities, etc. remain under the care of the condo association. You can decorate and modify the inside of your unit however you want, so it comes with a higher level of freedom than apartments. At the same time, condos also require a lower level of maintenance than single-family homes. Just like Sydneysiders outsource the upkeep of the premises to companies specializing in strata management in Northern Beaches, your condo association will also do the same, and most likely collect a fee that every member has to pay on a monthly basis. But that gives you the benefit of not having headaches about the maintenance and repairs. All of this makes condos ideal for busy people who still want to own a property. The only downside of condos is the association rules. Be sure to check these carefully, as someone who loves pets and likes to spend much of their time in the company of their dogs might be met with an unpleasant surprise if animals are not allowed in the complex.

Townhouses For The Best Of Both Worlds

Finally, you also have the option of purchasing a townhouse, which brings together both the advantages and disadvantages of the previous options. First of all, townhouses are still a great option for families, since they bring a sense of community, they can have multiple stories and even outdoor spaces in some cases. But they are also somewhat smaller and share some of their walls with their neighbors, which means less maintenance. However, what that also means is less privacy. Townhouses are also often older constructions, which means you might end up having to pay higher maintenance fees to your HOA (Homeowner Association), as well as deal with repairs more often, so consider the age of the building by all means.

Different types of properties come with different advantages and disadvantages. However, what might be an advantage for someone else could be a deal-breaker for you. Consider your lifestyle and budget above all and you will know in what direction you should look.

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