If you have moved, you know that moving is overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming. Especially if you are moving offices because you have to move big furniture and electronics that are difficult to pack. And in most cases, there isn’t a lot of time to do so as you can’t really shut down your office just to move. No matter how big or small your office is it will be a lot of work.

Declutter the Office

The perfect time to declutter the office is when you are about to move. Think about what furniture and equipment you don’t need anymore. If you are thinking about buying new furniture for the office and thinking about whether you want to sell or donate old furniture. There is no point in moving the furniture that you are selling or donating.

Start Planning Early

When it comes to moving your company to a whole new space there is no room for error. If you don’t plan it you will scrabble and do everything at the last minute and that is how you will lose things and possibly damage them which will cost you more money. It is important that you set aside a couple of months before moving to create an efficient plan and get everything ready to go. As well as creating a plan it is important that you plan your moving budget.


Give Everyone the Task of Packing up Their Own Spaces

Even If you have decided to hire a moving company it will be really helpful if everyone is responsible for packing their things. It is important that you give your staff enough time in advance so they can have enough time and do it a little bit at a time. You can also give your employees a day off before moving so they can plan their thing up in no rush.


Label the Boxes

In order to stay organized and make your move easier to mark the boxes to avoid losing and misplacing them. A great way to label them is by office numbers, rooms, or by writing a brief description of what’s inside of them. It will not only help you stay organized it will make unpacking faster and easier for everybody.

Check the Building Rules for Leaving

In Australia, if you don’t own the building that you are moving from you will need to check all the building rules that you need to do before relocating. You might need to make a special request in order to use the service elevator or to move during non-working hours. Because bond cleaning in Sydney is required by law you will need to hire a professional to clean the office before you leave.

Take Special Care When Packing Computer Cables

When you are moving your office it is really important that you take good care of your equipment. The first step to that is to remove all the cables from computers and other electronics. The best way to keep them organized and safe are to put them in large zip-lock bags and write which cable is inside. That way you will stop them from getting lost or damaged and save money because you won’t need to buy new ones.

Follow the Instructions for Moving Electronics

This is where most people make a mistake that will cost them time and money. You must take good care of sensitive devices like computers and printers. Don’t forget to secure your printer ink. Remove the cartridges from the printers and tape down all the lids. Make sure that you don’t hit or drop any of the computers because that kind of damage won’t be covered by warranty.

Even though relocating to a new office will be a lot of work, you are doing it to make your company better and more successful. Plan ahead and ask for help if you need it. By staying stress-free you will keep mistakes from happening and save money and time.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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