Your Home Safe from Fire

Fire accidents may not happen frequently, but it significantly impacts homeowners. Fire damage can severely damage the home’s physical structure, residents’ lives, and the homeowner’s financial stability. Thus, it is essential that you must take preventive fire measures to prevent the damaging effects of fire.  

Include an Emergency Exit Plan in Construction Drawings   

Residential buildings must have fire exit plans drafted in the construction drawings detailing the exit routes for people to evacuate from the building during fire emergencies safely. These systematic fire escape plans must include each room in the house and must work for teens, adults, and older people who may need support. Engineers and architects must also consider the terrain, distance, and site access.   

Fire responders must also be able to utilize the exit plans. Exit doors must not have any object blocking them for the firefighters to safely and quickly reach the area to rescue trapped residents. Putting unnecessary things to obstruct the exit doors will only create panic among the people inside the house and rescue delays. Also, OSHA regulations require that fire emergency exits be clear from obstruction with proper lighting. The construction drawing must also show the number of emergency exit routes following OSHA guidelines.   

Consider Installing Fire Detectors   

Fire accidents are dangerously deadly, especially if it happens at night. The thick smoke and toxic gases can put people’s lives at stake, as breathing them can cause people to pass out or die. However, you can prevent it from happening if you install fire detectors in your home, particularly those areas prone to fire accidents. It will automatically alert you at night if it detects smoke and fire.   

It is also advisable to hardwire your smoke alarms linking them to another fire detector in the next room. Setting up the system this way alerts you and the other people living in the house simultaneously. Additionally, some alarm systems have innovative designs that allow you to connect to home security center companies. They can alert your local fire department if they see your house on fire.    

Regardless of how you want your fire alarm set up, you must also ensure that the fire alarms are 100% functional as equipment wears out over time. Thus, book a professional to check the fire detectors regularly.   

Make Every Room Fire-Rated   

Closing your bedroom door gives you around five to ten minutes to escape from a raging fire which is not enough for you to check on and rescue other family members. However, if you can make each room’s walls, ceilings, and doors fire-rated, you will have up to three hours to evacuate the area and call for fire responders.    

Adding fire-rated access doors and panels also helps during fire breakouts. Like the fire-rated doors, these access panels pass the NFPA guidelines. Their sturdy materials and fire rating can protect your components and contain the fire for one to three hours.    

Utilize Fire Extinguishers   

Your house might be one of your most significant investments, so it needs one of the best first lines of defense against fire damage. Although often overlooked for residential purposes, fire extinguishers are efficient in preventing the fire from growing.   

Homeowners must normalize buying fire extinguishers and strategically put them in areas where everyone can easily see and access them, allowing all occupants to grab and use them when needed. Some homeowners install fire extinguishers and cabinets in each room, making it easier for the person to get rid of smoke or fire quickly.    

Another tip to make your home safe from fire is to ensure that your house is clean from dirt, debris, and trash. The method might be a bit unconventional, but it indeed does help to guarantee your home is safe from fire outbreaks. The fire triangle has three significant components, heat, fuel, and oxygen. All these can be in your house, where the energy may come from flammable debris in the kitchen or rooms.    

One example of this is your dryer. The primary cause of dryers catching fires is dust and fiber trapped in the lint trap. These materials reduce the dyer’s airflow causing it to overheat, which usually starts the fire.    

Your kitchen is also prone to fire breakouts due to the number of combustible materials in the area. Failing to keep the place clean from these materials and grease puts your house at risk of burning down. Thus, maintain the cleanliness of your home and regularly check the machines.  

Install Escape Ladders    

Multi-story residential buildings must have escape ladders strategically installed near bedrooms without fire exits. Installing escape ladders to your two-story houses will make the escape and evacuation plan work, as people can quickly get out safely from the place without passing the areas consumed by fire.    

Educate Them on the Fundamentals of Fire Safety   

Educating the fundamentals of fire safety to your household is the building block of a successful fire prevention and escape plan. Every member of the family must grasp the fundamentals of fire safety. However, before you start educating them in the basics, make them acquainted with your house’s fire escape plan, especially the children. Show them the fire exits, detectors, and extinguishers and how to use them. Explain to them the importance of the presence of mind in the event of a fire.    

Once everyone in the house gets accustomed to the materials and equipment that may cause to ignite a fire, you must start educating them on fire prevention. Lastly, remember to teach them how to contact fire responders. Educating everyone about the causes and effects of fire lessens the chances of fire accidents in your residence. Teaching them these insights will help you feel at ease even if you are away from home.   

Keep Your House Safe from Fire!   

Fires affect the physical structure of the house, the financial aspect, physical, mental and emotional aspects of the entire household. These reasons cause the National Fire Protection Association to impose precautionary measures against fire accidents strictly. May all seven tips on preventing fire breakouts give you an advantage in avoiding them and their costly damages. Take the appropriate steps and start installing fire-rated materials in your home now!

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