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Considering that most homes are built from everything but wood these days, it can be difficult to learn how to make your wooden house resistant to various damage-inducing factors due to the lack of information out there. It’s a fact that wooden houses are more susceptible to a lot more quirks you have to pay attention to, than houses made from other materials. Here are a couple of things you can implement at your own house that was built with wood that could potentially save you from further unnecessary investments.

Fire Protection

It’s no secret that having a wooden house increases your chances of a fire. There are many options for you to choose from in order to make your house fire resistant. If your house is located near a forest, it’s important that you implement proper protocols in case of a wildfire. Depending on your driveway, the firefighters will either have an easier or a harder time trying to access your house with their fire extinguishing equipment. Having metal doors and tempered glass windows might save your life as well, considering that those objects are passageways for wildfire to enter your home. Protecting your roof and cleaning the gutters will prevent any embers from falling in. A wildfire could be miles away, but winds carry embers that could potentially end up in your home if the roof isn’t properly armored.

Weather Protection

Just like a fire could inflict massive damage on your house, weather could also if you’re not careful enough. Rain is considered to be the number one enemy to wooden houses when it comes to bad weather conditions. Wood is known for soaking in water, so that should indicate what kind of damage heavy rain could do to your house. If the temperature is below zero and the wood has soaked in water beforehand, it could freeze and potentially inflict serious harm to the house. So, what should you do to prevent this from happening? The answer lies in waterproofing your house, especially the walls, as they are the ones that are exposed to the outdoors the most. There are many ways to do this. Most people choose to coat their walls with waterproof coats that have been proven to work in even the harshest conditions.

Pest Protection

Since wood is as natural as house building materials get, it’s only natural that you might have to encounter a couple of bugs along the way. Most of the people wait for it to happen, and then decide to call pest control companies that solve their problems. What they don’t understand is that there were many ways they could have prevented that from even happening. Trying to fill all the holes is the first step in prevention, as many people don’t realize there are multiple cracks in their home where bugs manage to come through. Lessening the exterior lights and installing a termite barrier is also essential for mitigating the risk of pests entering your house. General hygiene of the house should also be taken care of on a daily basis, because only one crumb could be responsible for an infestation, making your life in the house a living hell.

Outside Factor Protection

Usually when someone owns a wooden house, they are a bit distanced from the urban areas of the city. In most cases they are located in a forest, because they want to be away from the city noise, lights and pollution. Even after they have protected their home from all the aforementioned dangers, most don’t realize that a human could also inflict damage to their house and them, just because they are far away. There have been numerous instances where thieves have broken into wooden houses in the outskirts of the city or in forests, because they knew nobody was there and that they would be untraceable. It’s extremely important to set up an alarm and camera system if possible. So many people disregard this matter, which is undeniably their biggest mistake in the end, costing them their home.

Taking everything into consideration, owning a wooden house is a lot more work than owning a house made from bricks and cement. It takes a lot more dedication, work and care in general. Most people would agree that the payoff for that kind of perseverance is remarkable, claiming that there is nothing like spending a night in a wooden home. It’s definitely a healthier option for a living, since wood is something that came from nature itself and hasn’t been processed as much as anything else used for building houses.

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