Broken Garage Door Spring Repair
If you’re reading this, you may have encountered a confusing problem with your garage door spring like many house owners. Dealing with a broken garage door is a common issue and garage door spring repair is challenging to fix. But it is important to address the broken garage door spring immediately.

The hectic mornings when you rush to get out of the house, and your garage door decides to stop working. Frustrating, right? However, that is not all. The frustration will soon become dangerous when a garage door spring snaps unexpectedly, putting you and your loved ones at a risk of injury. And the longer you take to get your broken garage door spring repaired, the more damage it does to the door, tracks, or the opener. So how can you fix your broken garage door spring? Well, here are 8 steps to help you.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Now that you are ready to tackle your broken garage door spring, you must gather the necessary tools. Don’t worry; you don’t need fancy equipment; just a few everyday items will do the trick! You need winding bars to help assist you with torsion springs. They come in different sizes, so you must pick the size matching your springs. Then you need vice grips to ensure everything stays in place and does not create unnecessary movements while you repair your springs. Other necessary items are adjustable wrenches, safety goggles, and a ladder. 

After you have gathered these necessary supplies, you are ready to take on your damaged garage door spring repair. Each tool has an important role to play in the repair process.

Step 2: Ensure Safety

You must prioritize safety before you start your garage door spring repair. You must disconnect the power to the garage door opener and locate the power source. It can be a circuit or an outlet; you need to turn the switch off before you start working. After you start working on your spring repair process, small particles or bits of rust might start flying around. So you need to wear safety goggles so the particles do not enter your eye and injure you.

By donning the safety goggles and disconnecting the power, you are all set for unexpected twists and turns during your repair process.

Step 3: Identify and Know Your Springs

Even if you have to learn about the different types of springs, you don’t need to worry because it is not as daunting as it sounds. You have to know two types of springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs work by twisting and untwisting to create enough force to lift and lower your garage door carefully and smoothly. Extension springs are found alongside the tracks supporting the door’s movement, often stretching or contracting when the door opens and closes. 

If you see the springs above the doors, slightly hidden from plain sight, they are torsion springs. If you see the springs running alongside the tracks, they are extension springs. You are ready for another step after identifying the right springs for your garage door spring repair. 

Step 4: Free the Springs and Release the Tension

Now it is time to free the springs and release the tension coiled up in them. If you are dealing with a torsion spring, you need to use your winding bars to unwind the torsion springs. If you are dealing with an extension spring, you need the help of vice grips to remove the broken springs with caution and care safely. 

Release the tension of your broken springs without injuring yourself by accurately using the tools.

Step 5: Say Your Goodbyes to the Broken Springs and Remove Them

After unwinding the springs and releasing the tension, it is time to remove them. Even though the springs might feel rigid at first, with a little push, you can remove the springs from the garage door. However, as you remove the broken springs, note the measurements and sizes to find the perfect-sized spring for your garage door. Note the details, or take a quick picture to refer to later. 

By removing the broken springs, you are paving the way for your new springs that will bring your garage door back to life.

Step 6: Purchase a New Spring For A New Beginning

Now it’s time to replace your old spring with a new one. You can visit a local garage door supplier or explore online garage door spring retailers to purchase a new spring. However, you need to remember the measurements and share the specifications with them to find the perfectly matched spring for your garage door. 

Step 7: Install the New Springs and Bring it All Together

Before installing the new springs, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guide given to you. The guideline will tell you exactly what you must do because each spring has its unique installation process. Prioritize safety as you follow the installation guideline given to you by the manufacturer. If you install a torsion spring, your winding bars will help you again bring the springs back to their proper tension. If installing an extension spring, you must secure the tension diligently. 

Step 8: Test the Door

It is time to test your hard work and see if your garage door spring repair has ended. Observe your door as it moves along the tracks, and pay attention to any signs of hesitation or imbalance. Make sure your door opens and closes smoothly to your commands. Even if you encounter any irregularities, you don’t need to worry; your spring system might need some tweaking for a smooth finish.

With these steps, you have now conquered garage door spring repair.


Following these simple steps and keeping an eye out for little details, you can repair and install your garage door springs. However, you must remember that safety is extremely important while trying to repair your garage door spring on your own. It is easy to get injured, so prioritize safety procedures and continue your garage door spring repair journey. If you feel like it’s too much for you, you can work with a garage door repair and installation company like 360GarageDoors.

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