turning your garage into a home

The average cost of renting on-campus accommodation in the US amounts to over $7,000 a year, while finding a place in competitively priced off-campus accommodation may set you back over $13,000 annually. If you are attending college in your home state and you want to reduce your total student loan or avoid getting into debt, staying at home while you’re studying may be an ideal option. Transforming an unused garage is possible if you want to stay close to your parents but still have a bit of independence and a place to invite friends over. The following tips will help you turn a gray space into one filled with style and color.

Conducting Needed Repairs

To really give a garage a trendy new feel, you will have to do more than fill it with chic furniture and change the color of the walls. Because garages are often used as storage rooms or simply to park the car, they are often one of the most neglected parts of a home and repairs may be required for areas like the flooring or the garage door. You definitely don’t want to make a loud noise every time you get home, so if you have a door that squeaks or takes ages to open, it may be time to repair or change it altogether.

To keep renovation within your budget, check out review sites that name various options and match you to providers within your range. In warm states like Texas, Georgia, and Arizona, garage doors can suffer cracking and rotting if they are made of wood. If you are in Phoenix, A1 Garage Phoenix reviews companies offer a host of services such as repairs of doors coming off the track and cracked door seals. The cold, meanwhile, can cause metal springs to snap, resulting in door damage. Every state has its dedicated sites, usually run by consumer affairs organizations that base reviews on independent appraisals.

Keeping it Dry and Well Insulated

The roof of your garage should be completely watertight so you don’t risk your bedroom getting wet during the rainy season. You should also have a maintenance professional inspect your space to ensure the garage is well insulated. An easy way to keep the temperature within your desired range is to use ductless heating and cooling, opting for a single unit that both heats and cools the air as required. These are easier and more cost-efficient to install than most HVAC systems.

Letting the Light In

One of the hottest trends in architecture and design is that of biophilic design—the welcoming of nature into home interiors. A key pillar of this trend is natural light—something that many garages lack. One excellent way around this conundrum is to turn the door into a giant window. Simply surround the garage with an aesthetic-looking fence, so you have all the privacy you need, while letting floods of natural light fill your living space. If you can, heighten ceilings or at the very least, paint your ceiling a light shade like off-white or eggshell white, making the most of the beauty of wooden beams if you have them.

Keeping it Warm and Cozy

Replace cement floors with beautiful flooring in materials like wooden decking or wood-effect tiles. If you have the budget for it, underfloor heating is a magnificent way to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, you can use carpeting or stone for an elegant look. Cover hard floors with statement carpets, which be placed beneath large furniture items like your main sofa.

Creating an independent space within your home is doable if you have an unused garage. There are many considerations to keep in mind, all of which require an investment. Floors, ceilings, walls, and doors may need to be changed or, at the very least, repaired. The final touches can include all the furnishings and decor pieces that reflect your sense of style and fulfil your practical needs.

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