A pool in the house

Many of us are into houses with pools. But if you ask me about how I look for houses with pools for sale near me. I will explain it in the form of pros and cons. That’s what I have covered in this blog.

Pros of a Pool in Da House

There are several advantages. First of all, it gives social benefits. Also, pools are a source of boosting physical as well as mental health. Other than that, pools give a presentable look and add value to your house. 

Pro #1: Social Benefits of Pool 

When I was looking to buy a home. There was something in my mind – to make it easier for other kids in the neighborhood to enjoy a pool with my kids. Knowing that clearly, I made the move toward buying a house that has a pool. Not just that, I also managed to make it look presentable enough for people who send their kids to my place for pool parties. Socializing became easier with a new house in a new city only because I had a pool. 

Pro #2: Helps in Boosting Physical & Mental Health

Another benefit of having a pool in the house is related to health. Water is said to be the best way of dealing with fatigue, stress, sadness, and even depression at times. When it comes to physical health, people who know how to swim are far better than others. It is because swimming is considered a great exercise and in many cities, it is taken as the best sport. So yeah, pools made a difference in my lifestyle.  

Pro #3: Adds Value and Makes House Presentable

Neat and clean pools are usually preventable and presentable to others. They are the ultimate source of beautification in interior design. Some big houses have indoor pools. Otherwise, pools are mostly designed outside in the backyard or front yard. Water flowing and kids playing in the pool are indeed one of the most amazing sights for parents and elders.  

Cons of Buying House with a Pool 

With advantages come disadvantages. For example, if pools are not maintained, they tend to smell and look odd. Likewise, there are safety issues with pools because not everyone knows how to swim or float in the pool.

Con #1: Needs High Maintenance 

Sadly, besides all the glam and goody stuff related to pools in the house. Some facts might make your decision shackled. For example, when I bought a house with a pool. I had a zilch idea about the maintenance. I checked a couple of pool gizmos and used chemicals to make them clean. But nothing helped until I hired professionals to do their job – clean the pool to the point that I could my face on the water. Anyway, if you are looking for a house with a pool. Be sure about the pool maintenance

Con #2: Safety and Security Around Pool in the House 

According to experts, pools should have fences around them so that they can give ultimate protection. Especially if you have toddlers or infants. It is best to make sure of safety and security. Also, intruders escape and enter the houses through pools. So, beware of everything before opting for a house with a pool.

Cons #3: Pools in the House Adds More Insurance Cost 

Pools will not need any insurance. It is the accidents that may arise because of pools that will need some insurance. Owners of the pools know that such additions in the house will need some liability coverage. That’s the reason why most of the houses are not with pools. But again, those who want to keep pools in the house are quite strict about the rules. If they aren’t, then they better be before any serious injury or accident occurs. 

Advises from the Expert Real Estate Agents 

See, you just can’t go by the will or wish. Certain protocols are required to have a pool in the house. In this regard, expert real estate agents advise you to check out the following points and understand the situation before opting for a home. 

  • Location of the House with a Pool 

Realtors think that pools aren’t always good. They come with a lot of concerning points. For example, the place where they are installed or made leaves a deep impact on the house. If the pool is indoors, the chances of accidents may be lessened to some level. But when it is situated outdoors, the risk of accidents increases. 

  • Value of the House is Decreased 

According to some of the real estate gurus, until and unless you have a lucky day, pools at the house’s best prices are not offered. The reason is quite simple. Pools require monetary investment which is not everyone’s strength. 

  • Waste of Money 

As mentioned above, pools need maintenance and the proper insurance and all. Do you think it is manageable for a family to do cleaning, etc. without the involvement of money? Well, it is not possible and that’s the reason why it is not wise to buy a home with a pool.

We hope you found this blog post on A Pool In Da House – Pros And Cons useful. Be sure to check out our post on Best Swimming Pool and Water Features Designs for Your Backyard for more great tips!

Things To Consider When Purchasing A House With A Swimming Pool

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