Many people find it an adventure to look for a new home, knowing that this will be the place where they will create many more memories. When they have the budget to buy a house with a swimming pool, it’s definitely an investment more than a hassle. Having a swimming pool on your property increases your home’s attractiveness on the market if you need to sell, and also makes your house more enjoyable for your family to create those special memories. But before you decide whether to purchase a home with a pool, here is everything you might want to know about these properties.

house with backyard pool

Different Types Of Swimming Pools

There are several kinds of swimming pools to suit different preferences:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Rooftop

Outdoor swimming pools are the most popular; indoor pools are less common, and rooftops are least common due to maintenance and weather conditions. You can also find pools with special features such as infinity swimming pools, grand pools, and swimming pools that flow through gardens in the backyard.

indoor swimming pool

Different Kinds Of Water

You might be surprised to learn that there are different specifications of water that you can use for your pool including freshwater, saltwater, or even natural pools, which use organic filtration instead of chemicals. These would be costly for the majority of people but are definitely worth it. If you are looking to upgrade your property even more, you can opt for one of those large, spectacular swimming pools that will impress your guests when they arrive. You can even add a small indoor guest house with changing rooms and even showers.

Payments You May Want To Consider

When most people consider purchasing a household with a swimming pool, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost to maintain it. Regardless of whether you have a basic or luxurious pool, you’ll need to spend money to keep it up and avoid expensive repairs down the road. Keeping a swimming pool clean nowadays is easier due to technological advances in filtration. You can also hire pool service companies that can be happy to provide regular service to keep your pool clean and maintained.

Value To Your Property In Case You Want To Sell

Obviously it costs something to install and maintain a pool, but don’t think that it’s just an expense. It is known among real estate professionals that with a swimming pool the value of a property increases more than five percent annually. It would be best to keep your swimming pool in good condition so you won’t have to worry about negotiating with a buyer about any maintenance or repairs needed to the pool. Ultimately, it is all about what you as a homebuyer want, and if your dream house includes a swimming pool, then you will want to maintain and take care of it as much as possible, because if you ever put your home on the market it will sell like a breeze.

Three Kinds Of Homebuyers In The Market

When it comes to the homebuyers in the real estate market and their attitudes toward a pool, there are three different kinds: those who specifically want a pool, ones who aren’t too sure if they want one or not, and those who are strictly against it.

Safety Hazards You Must Consider

If there are children in the home, you must keep the swimming pool as safe as possible. Over 200 children under the age of 10 drown in their own home annually. You may want to consider installing fences and safety guards.

If there is a diving board included with the swimming pool then that creates another major safety hazard for all ages. Some injuries that happen around the diving board occur when trying different tricks or falling while climbing the ladder. Most home-sellers are advised by their real estate agents to have the diving board removed before showing so that it doesn’t introduce a negative image of the property and the swimming pool area.

multi-story house in countryside with backyard pool

The Many Health Benefits Of Having Your Own Swimming Pool

As much as swimming can be recreational and fun to enjoy, it is also very good for health. Here are the many benefits you can get with your own swimming pool:

  • Low Impact Training
  • Aqua Therapy
  • Helps with your heart rate
  • Strength and stamina
  • Relieves stress and tension

We hope you found this blog post on Things To Consider When Purchasing A House With A Swimming Pool useful. Be sure to check out our post on Best Swimming Pool and Water Features Designs for Your Backyard for more great tips!


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